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Albert Einstien

No description

Braden Carthron

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Albert Einstien

Albert married Maric Grossman on Jan. 6, 1903
"His Golden Years"
He had an intrest in electromagnetic devices
Albert Einstien
By: BradenCarthron
Albert was born 1879 in Wuttemburg, Germany
His mother was Pauline Koch, .
He attended school at Luitpold Gymnasium
His dad died when he was age 7
He had speech problems, however, he did good in writing.
He enjoyed classical music
He and his mother were Jewish
Albert and Maric had a son named Hans Einstien on May 4, 1904
Their second son, Eduard, was born on June17, 1910
He created pie = 3.14 etc.
His most famous expression, though, was E=mc2
(Energy= Mass x Light speed squared
Albert died on April 18, 1955
We remember him as the
"Crazy Man"
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