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Children Books On The Holocaust

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Mya Elkins

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Children Books On The Holocaust

The Tattooed Torah, by Marvell Ginsburg is a children's book about what happened to Torahs in the Holocaust. This book is coming from the perspective of a small Torah that children used in Shul, until it was taken by the Nazis.

The Tattooed Torah
The Number on My Grandfather's Arm
The Number On My Grandfather's Arm, by David A. Adler is a book of a child noticing her grandfathers Tattoo on his arm, and how the grandfather tells the child his story of the Holocaust.
The Tattoos of numbers
During the Holocaust, in the Auschwitz concentration camps, prisoners were given tattoos of numbers. This was so they could identify who their prisoners were when they died in the camps.
Torahs in the holocaust
By: Mya Elkins
Children Books On The Holocaust
During the Holocaust Torahs would be taken by the Nazis. After they were taken the Nazis would paint numbers on them. They would also put a tag with the swastika on the Torah's handles. Afterwords they would place the torah's number it was tattooed with in a book with all the other taken torah's numbers were put down. Then they would be placed on a shelf wherever they were being hidden by the Nazis. After the Holocaust some of the Torahs that were hidden in the Holocaust were found, but still to this day, not all of the Torahs were found and a lot of them were burned.
Erika's Story, by Ruth Vander Zee is a book about a true story of Erika's experience in the Holocaust. This true story was told to Ruth Vander Zee by Erika. Erika's story, was the first book ever to be published by Ruth Vander Zee.

In this book part of what Erika can remember is that her Mother threw her from a train to save her life.

Erika's Story
Eli Remembers
Eli Remembers, by Ruth Vander Zee is about a boy that learns about what happened in the holocaust, and about his relatives that died in the war. Their family had a tradition to light 7 candles on Rosh Hashanah to remember the family members who had passed in the holocaust. Eli didn't know why they lit the candles on Rosh Hashana,so he asked his parents, and that led him to figuring out what happened in the holocaust. This book shows how important it is to remember the holocaust and what things happened.
Ruth Vander Zee
Ruth Vander Zee is a writer and educator. She used to work as a middle school teacher. Her most famous book she has written is Erika's story, it was listed among the Year's Best books in the Miami Herald, and received best books citations in Germany.
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