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Soviet war in Afghanistan


dxfh j

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Soviet war in Afghanistan

Soviet war in Afghanistan Some country that took part in Soviet war in Afghanistan. On the Soviet Side it is DRA. Some countries on the Mujahideen (Freedom fighters) side are . . . . . US, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Paskitan. (Only Supported) 27 December 1979 – 15 February 1989 The soviet in Afghanistan was from . . . . . . . . 1979: Soviet deployment
1979: Soviet invasion
December 1979-February 1980: Occupation
March 1980-April 1985: Soviet offensive
1980s: Insurrection
April 1985-January 1987: Exit strategy
January 1987-February 1989: Withdrawal The Strength of the 2 sides were . . . . . . Solviet 118,00 +
Afghanistan- 40,000 Mujahideen 220,000+++++++ In the summer of 1979, the Afghanistan requested Soviet troops to provide security and to assist in the fight against the Mujahideen rebels. 1979: Soviet invasion On December 27, 1979, 700 Soviet troops dressed in Afghannistan uniforms,occupied major governmental, military and media buildings in Kabul, 103rd Guards Airborne Division + 100,o00 people on the ground 1979-1980 There was a new president of Afganistan, said that the 40th army should be sent back and the Afganistan people heard the message and rose up. The was has being going on and the solviets have a lot of land and sities they control. But the mujahideen are fighting back in small groups.
The Guerrilla warfare was used. Around the mid-1980s the US, pakistan and other countries starting helping Afganistan. By mid-1987 the Soviet Union announced it would start withdrawing its forces. THE END
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