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No description

Eileen Flaherty

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of milan

Double click anywhere & add an idea Milan Fashion In Italy Fashion Week When? 2010 Spring collections will be shown beginning september 24th Fall and Winter collections were shown beginning February 24th, 2010 *Milan is third in the line-up of major fashion weeks, preceded by New York and London Where? Milan Fashion week is held at the Milano Fashion Center Designers & Labels Gucci is the top selling italian designer, and the third best-selling desinger in the world
Gucci's worldwide sales price at about $7.2 billion Gucci Tom Ford Succesful desinger for house of Gucci until 2004 Frida Giannini Current designer for House of Gucci Pucci Founder, Emilio Pucci studied at UGA
Label is known for bright colors and prints
Peter Dundas
Norweigan head designer for House of Pucci Versace Gucci, valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Pucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabanna, Giorgio Armani, Fendi, prada, Moschino, Missoni, etc. Founder, Giannini Versace used his sister, Donatella as his inspiration and muse
known as the "epitome of rock-star glamor, dacedent style, and in-your-face sexiness" Giannini and Donatella Versace Fendi Founded by Adele Cassagrande who married Edoardo Fendi
Passed down to Fendi daughters and grand daughter
Refined italian glamor and bold accesories
Karl Lagerfeld is currently the chief designer
Fashion show on Great Wall in 2007
known partially for Lagerfeld's "baguette bag"
New and more practical ways to wear fur Baguette Bag Lagerfeld & Models at Great Wall show Roberto Cavalli Beautiful leather designs
Clothing has become less flamboyant and more soft and romantic
Current Trends Styles are becoming less overtly sexy and more feminine and subtle with hour glass tailoring and more mature & romantic designs Fendi Roberto Cavalli Pucci Versace Gucci 2010 Collections Pucci Armani Risque Swimwear Matchy Matchy Accesories Lace Antonio Marass Marni Short dresses/ "edgy Romance" Cavalli Fendi Milan's Fashion District Includes the "quadrangle of fashion" and the main shopping streets: Piazza San Babila, Via Monte Napoleone, Via Dante, Via Della Spiga, & Corso Buenos Aires
Due to the popularity of via monte napoleone, the area is often referred to as the Via Montenapoleone district
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