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Happy Birthday Abhi!

No description

Diana Nguyen

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Happy Birthday Abhi!

Happy Birthday Abhi! Love, your homies Diana & Krissy My Little Freshmen Diana: I will never forget how we
met (well I forgot the first time but
once I remembered I didn't forget XD) I can't believe that we met in that single moment in time, completely by coincidence, and now here we are 4 years later.
Krissy: REMEMBER BIO. I don't exactly remember how we started talking (maybe we sat by each other or something?) But yeah. I'm just glad we started talking. I know I can tell you anything and you'll react in a way that is uniquely you (:
ALSO OUR SECRET NICKNAMES. <33 Super Sophomores Krissy: REMEMBER PERONE. Sophomore year we only got closer and I'm really glad you saved me a seat in Perone that very first day of school. Like, seriously, that was my HEY ABHI WANNA GIVE THIS TO JON IN EURO period. LOLOLOL. I'm sorry I used you as a messenger Uh-Bee-Bee. <3
Diana: I will never forget how you would always give me your Chem homework to copy and we would freeze in Mohammed 3rd period. And how afterwards you would make me speed-walk to the lunch line. And Euro and all the note-passing, whether it be between the four of us - Manpreet, Sara, you, and me - or as messengers for Krissy and Jon. Summer,
Aka Card Game Classes Diana: I will never forget how we would always just play golf at driving school and the teacher would completely ignore us. I seriously don't remember anything about driving school except playing cards. :)
Krissy: REMEMBER PE. I just remember coming 3 weeks late and you guys already had your routines, and you didn't do anything anymore so we just played cards. BOOYAH. Also I remember alternating walking with you guys and Jon's friends so I could be fair :) I love how you and all our friends are so understanding, seriously. It's fantastic. Best friends for life <3 Jammin' Juniors Diana: I will never forget our awesome times in Stats, spinning pennies, flying paper planes, throwing random discs, studying for the AP test, and naming Simba for the very first time.
Krissy: REMEMBER FORMAL. I got to see your wild and crazy side in its true form, and it's still kinda scary to me, even today. But is okay. I still love you. I've Got Senioritis Krissy: REMEMBER WHEN YOU GOT MAD AT ME FOR SWITCHING CALC PERIODS. But you can never get that mad at me, right? ;) And also getting ready for formal and me being able to actually dance a little instead of being awkward, and I have you and Diana to thank for that. (: DON'T FORGET JESSE. We should start a tradition with him. <3
Diana: I will never forget our crazy sleepovers, and your crazy sleeptalking, and your overall craziness. You've made me do so many weird things where I have to just sit back and watch you do your weirdness stuff. This little space is not enough to share all of my memories with you, my dance teacher, my chauffeur #3, and my dance buddy, etc. Who Needs APUSH? Diana: I'm so glad we took US History over the summer. We continued our tradition of playing card games, and just being nerds, always trying to finish our bookwork before we could play solitaire. HELP! SCAR
EAT ME!!!! Pretty Abhi! Homie Time
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