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Disease Diagnosis

Agent Orange

Aisha Akbar

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Disease Diagnosis

Agent Orange Name of disease scenerio synopsis Retired men from the military. The men experienced
: birth defects in children, enlarged male mammary glands, an increase in cancer rate, and severe personality disorders. TCDD (dioxin) Diagnosis When i first started researching, i thought it was lyphoma because it had almost all the symptoms as the scenerio. BUt then i used keywords like "diseases in 1970 in military". THen i came up with tourettes syndrome, it happend in the same year but it didnt have the same symptoms. then finally i found "contamination by dioxin" in other words "agent orange" Organism Affected People that were exposed to TCDD dioxin cause of disease MY disease agent orange is caused by a toxin. here is some additional info:
this disease first happend to veterans because it took time for the toxins to take effect. during that time the military used large about of defolitants which were chemicals that made leaves fall of trees. how disease is aquired? The disease can be aquired by getting high exposures of TCDD (dioxin) Symptoms chloracne
liver dysfunction
severe personality disorders
birth defects
effects of diease on systems the cells nucleas is protected by a "defense perimeter" which has the part to prevent molecules not having required structure to enter the nucleus and therefore to interfere with the genetic heritage. But, within cellular cytoplasm, the dioxin blends with a component, naturally defences, "passing onceself off" as a hormone. it is that complex dioxin- receptor which will mix-up the hormonal message of our endocrinal system and will acticate some parts of nda, areas are so-called "dioxin senstive" and therefore involve toxic effect. prevention and treatment prevention: stay out of places that were sprayed with the dioxin
treatment: try to stay on a strict diet additonal info during the vietnam war between 1962 and 1971, the us military sprayed 77,000,000 litres of chemical defolitants which not only csued diseases in the veterans they also affected vietnamese
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