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Law/E 180 Story/Theory/Theme

No description

Garrett Gilmore

on 6 March 2017

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Transcript of Law/E 180 Story/Theory/Theme

Devise a Story
What happened?
What happened first?
Why did it happen?
Who made it happen?
Did it happen on purpose?
Was it justified or fair?
Theory and Theme
A combination of the facts and the law
Combining the facts to describe the case for the Jury
1. Logical
Facts you use should reinforce each other
Facts should promote the truthfulness of the next fact to be presented
2. Elements of Law
Must prove every legal element
3. Keep it simple
Maximize undisputed facts
Make it easy to believe
Avoid arguments dependent on proof of deception, falsification, ill motive, or personal attack
Find a Theme
"if it doesn't fit you must acquit"
A rhetorical devise to appeal to the jury's
shared values, civic virtue, or common motivations

Combine not only the facts but the law as well
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