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No description

Zalina Mohd Zamri

on 15 April 2014

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Features of an invitation card.
An invitation card contains information about a special event that will take place in the near future.
It informs the recipient about the place and the date of the event and about the name of the person(s) who will host it.

What is an invitation card?
The invitation card is a written paper or electronic image that is sent to people for different occasions. The message informs a receiver about an event to which he is invited. Invitation cards can be customized (different sizes, colors, themes, materials, fonts and folding designs) and made out of multiple materials (paper, tissue, textile, plastic).
Type of invitation card.
There are different types of invitation cards, depending on the occasion and design. Invitation cards can be formal or informal, classical or futuristic, fun or serious, depending on the personality of the sender and the type of event. There are designs for every taste and occasion. You can make it yourself or buy it in shops and online. The options are unlimited and you can combine themes, fonts and materials you like the best.
Features of an invitation card.
An invitation card may also contain a poem, a motto or a special message created by the host to express the importance of the event.
It can be sent by mail (or email) or handed to the person invited.
Features of an invitation card.
Often, the sender requests a response in the form of an RSVP; generally, a phone number or email address is given, but on some formal invitations, there is a smaller card included with the invitation that is filled out by the recipient, noting whether she will or will not be able to attend and the name of a guest who may accompany her.
Guidelines of an invitation card.
Who the invitation is from.
Who is invited ( usually a blank space).
What is happening.
The date
The time.
An address for a reply.
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