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No description

Ulf Lueders

on 23 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of SELF ASSESSMENT

Why is self-assessment important?
Let's review some tools we have acquired
Listening to Learn

Tips for Giving Feedback

Tips for Receiving Feedback
Pointers on developing a 360 Degree Assessment
Make sure stakeholders know why they are part of the assessment

Develop questions based on goals

Remember they can only assess what they have seen

Give them tools (See example handout)
Understand the importance of self-assessment in maximizing your leadership potential

View self-assessment as a valuable avenue for receiving feedback

Build your own tools for self-assessment in Scouting and other leadership situations
There's a lot of assessing going on!

1. Skill levels of team/leadership styles

2. PLC "How are you feeling?" (informal but valuable)

3. Patrol projects and presentations

4. Assess Wood Badge on Day 6
Why do we do this?
If we know where we are, we can be much more effective in charting a course to get us where we want to go.
Self Assessment
360-Degree Assessment
It is important that.......

Feedback comes from all directions
You determine goals you want to be assessed
Select a facilitator
Develop a survey
Identify stakeholders
Compile results and make a plan to achieve your goals
Assessment Tools
Way to Go
Ways to Grow
Assessment Tools
Assessment Tools
Green light (This is good. Keep going.)
Yellow light (This could be better. Work on it.)
Encourage Comments and Suggestions
Self-assessment leads to positive changes
Self Assessment is important because it helps you track the progress on your goals and is a valuable avenue for feedback
A great tool of self-assessment is the 360-Degree Assessment

Good 360-degree assessments help people discover differences between how they perceive themselves and how others perceive them.
Red Light (Some serious concerns)
Tips for Giving Feedback
Are your motives helpful?

Are they open to your feedback?

Can the behavior be changed?

Be specific

Describe, don't evaluate the behavior

Describe the IMPACT the behavior has

Use "I" statements

Make sure you are understood as you intend
Tips for Receiving Feedback
Seek out feedback

Listen carefully

Listen actively (restate)

Listen with empathy

Pay attention to your feelings
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