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3D Printing by YoloSwag

dis is very kuhl presentazion about printing dree-damensionali

Joel Wanner

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of 3D Printing by YoloSwag

3D Printing
The Invention of the Century?
What Is 3D Printing?
3D Printing can create
Customised cases, toys (RC planes), Furniture, glasses
Architecture (models)
Prototypes for engineering
Medicine (teeth, prostheses)
Aviation and space travel, cars
Entire houses
Used in affordable printers
Materials: Various, different coloured plastics
Plastic is heated and applied layer by layer
+ Cheap, fast, simple
– Inaccurate, plastics only,
limited size
Layer by layer
Powder is melted and solidified
Popular in industrial usage
Materials: Plastics, Metal, Ceramics, Glass, Sandstone
+ Fast, accurate, more solid
materials, greater scales
– Expensive
Lasers solidify a fluid
Object gets risen out of the fluid gradually
Materials: Plastics
+ Relatively cheap, accurate,
best value for money, layers
are less distinct
– Plastics, limited size
Defense Distributed: Online organisation devoted to developing firearms for 3D printers
2012: Printable gun on the web
Everyone in the world with a printer could make a gun
United States Department of State shut down their website
The internet never forgets
In Space
If you had a 3D printer, what would you print first?
What do you think about this statement:
"If you give humans the power to create everything, they will always find bad things to use it for. There is no reason to stop innovation due to fear of abuse."
Who are the losers of this development?
Everyone has a 3D printer at home.
De suni isch en idiot
Spare Parts / DIY
Is it worth it?
Printers are too expensive
However: price has decreased significantly
Too few uses
Printing centres
The era of 3D printing has just begun
3D printing will explode in 2014, thanks to the expiration of key patents (“laser sintering,” the lowest-cost 3D printing technology)
The competition between the companies will lower the price and force further development
Everyone will have their own printer at home like nowadays with 2D printers
The impact of the invention of 3D printing is comparable to that of the transistor: We might only appreciate its value in a few decades
Bioprinting might make organ donation obsolete
We could even print molecules -> medicine, poison, etc.
Print human tissue
Organs like a heart could be built layer by layer
Smaller printers, directly on a wound or inside the body.
-1984 Charles 'Chuck' Hull invented Stereolithography
-1984 It took a doublepluslong time (months) to print something!
-1999 First biologically printed bladder is implanted
-2005 First open source collaborations
-2008 First self-replicating printer
-2009 DIY Kits available
-2010 20'000$
-2013 1'000$ and less
-2013 Printing has become a lot faster

Parts for mechanic prostheses
Cosmetic prostheses
Custom looks for prostheses
Replacement bones
Dental Printing
Crowns can be printed after scanning the patient's teeth
Getting a crown now only takes 15 minutes!
Online Printing
Upload 3d object and get it sent to your place
Eliminates the cost of the printer, material itself is cheap
Students at ETH print an entire room using individual blocks
Used to produce high quality parts
Very detailed and complex objects
Relatively low costs
Much less waste (viable option for building parts in space)
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