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Greek God

No description

Annika Edwards

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Greek God

Dionysus Greek Gods Dionysus Dionysus: Family Tree Powers & Responsibilities Symbols & Items: Dionysus Personality Traits Significant Story Roman Name & Dionysus in Pop Culture God of food & wine - One of the few gods with the ability to bring someone back from death in the underworld

-Conventional godly powers; Superhuman strength
vitality & resistance to ingury

-Has the power to control the growth of vines

-Can transform into another person, object or
animal. Dionysus was a nature god, since nature has two sides, peace and rage. Dionysus also has two sides to him, a calm side and a wild side. Snake- Zeus gave Dionysus a crown of snakes

Grape Vine- Dionysus is depicted as wearing a crown of grape vines.

Grapes- In many pictures the Greek God is holding a bundle of grapes.

Panther: Dionysus' favorite animal. It was Dionysus who granted Midas the power to turn whatever he touched into gold. Then was kind enough to take the power back whenever it proved to be inconvenient for Midas. Roman Name: Bachus Today many references of the Greek God can be found in popular culture:
-The movie "The Lightning Thief" includes Dionysus as a character, he is a camp counselor.

-A wine brand was named after the Greek God (Dionysus Wine & Spirits Ltd)
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