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dam right

when you gotta make up an mf dragon for social studies as a kid


on 13 May 2018

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Transcript of dam right

The Bane Dragon has many abilities being the best entity on earth. It has superhuman -or dragon abilities. Its extremely powerful leg muscles allow it to jump up to 250 feet in the air. Its wings let it fly up to five times faster than light. Its perfectly aerodynamic wings and super strength allow it to hunt prey or annihilate whatever it wants to. It prefers to hunt or travel by jumping in the air and then gliding. When it glides it is ten times faster than light. It has a strange portal type thing under its mouth. When it will the portal to it can summon acid,poison,fire,ice, etc. This does take a lot of will power. Since this takes a lot of energy it prefers to use the poison in its fangs to fight. Or it can use the many crystal blades on its body.The scales on the dragon are jagged and very sharp. piercing yourself with it either by accident can either kill or heal you automatically. This depends on what the dragon wants. It also has a lightning fast tail it uses for scorpion like purpose it can even shape shift to turn into the weakness of whatever it is fighting.If something tries to shape shift into the bane dragon it will use the Bane Dragon weakness against it. All bane dragons have a secret weakness. When something shape shifts into it it will use this weakness. This is because when something shape shifts into it it will not gain its knowledge. Even if Bane Dragons didn't have a weakness they could still destroy whatever is shape shifting. This is because the strength getting stronger every time they die
(will be said in breeding)
The Bane Dragon
Bane- A thing that causes destruction and chaos. If something is the Bane of something it is the weakness or destruction of something.
There are two variations of the bane dragons. There is a heart of shadow and a heart of soul. The heart of shadow is more aggressive and will only help for something in return. The heart of soul is passive and will help people for free. The Soul of Heart dragons venom will heal anything the Soul Shadow variation will kill automatically unless otherwise is chosen by the dragon. Nobody knows how large they are because they can shape shift. It is guessed they are as long as four trains with a wingspan of two airplanes. They weigh as much too .Otherwise they are very similar except there color patterns are different. For the heart of soul it has black stripes and black claws. For the heart of shadow it has white stripes.Same with the eyes. The heart of shadows eyes are red and the heart of soul dragon eyes are blue. Luckily both types are honorable and will not go on a rampage. The Bane Dragon king (Lord Zane) has a red eye and a blue eye. He is colored half Soul and half Shadow.
The variations of the Bane Dragon both have similar diets. The only difference is that the soul of shadow hunts at night and the soul of heart hunts in the day. Since the bane dragons can shape shift it twill eat anything it wants. If it feels like eating a fly it will turn into a spider,if it feels like eating a bird it will turn into a dragon. Even if it wants to eat some metal it will turn into a blowtorch. Its most preferred prey is other dragons.It likes a challenges it will chase the more armored,cunning, or powerful dragons. It has night ,x-ray, infrared vision , A brain five times smarter than a supercomputer and super dragon attributes. This will improve as it dies. Not even the best of the best can beat.This is because its powers are deadly. It will have to eat a lot because its abilities are power draining.. Newborn will eat rhinos ,elephants,tigers,and lions. This is because they haven't acquired all there abilities yet. Only when it is eight months old and has acquired all its abilities will it hunt everything. All dragons even inanimate objects like bulldozers. Only then will it be a true bane dragon. Hunting all creatures= causing destruction and chaos being the weakness of everything.
The Bane Dragon never breeds being immortal. It will only die when it gets old and weak. When it feels old and weak it will summon two of its worthiest opponents. These are the ice cube dragon and the hedgehog dragon.Over many battles they have became friends. It calls its friends to destroy it. Using extremely powerful abilities it destroys the Bane Dragon. After this process the Bane Dragons reborn as good as new. It keeps its intelligence and strength and will keep getting stronger as it grows older than younger and stronger and smarter and younger and older over and over and over...... When they 'die' a green glowing rock appears. There is an egg like thing in the core of the saltwater taffy sized rock. The egg is purple black and green. The parents do take care of there young because they are there young. It will keep growing until its as large as an elephant. The dragon hatches out the size of an elephant. A full grown is taller than a average building half miles long and seven hundred tons. Luckily they can shape shift to make themselves smaller and more hidden.
The Bane Dragon also has the ability of telepathy and telekinesis. Being able to fly ten times faster than light it has he ability to blink. The power to teleport or appear somewhere in a "Blink" as the ability name states. It will fly in a circle thirteen times building speed repeatedly. After finishing this it will combine the warp speed and telekinesis to blink. The inertia (movement force) is very great so it uses its tail to slow itself down immediately. When bored or annoyed it will use its its telepathy to control somebody or it will use telekinesis to cause an object to move for no reason.It will also use its super vision to find minerals and eat them as snacks. The bane dragons can excrete two poisons from its fangs. It can control which one it wants two. The purple type automatically kills. The green one heals everything.Lord Zane is five times more skilled in everything than normal Bane dragons.Speed,strength,sight,intelligence,accuracy,teleportation, and shape shifting.
More Abilities and Habitat
The bane dragons created earth so why not live on it. The Bane Dragons lived on earth for a a period of time. It influenced humans greatly. Soon the humans became ungrateful and started trying to kill the bane dragons. As revenge the Bane Dragons turned into monsters and scared humans. after the golden age for the Bane dragons they moved to an alternate dimension back home. The portal is a special black hole that only forms every five hundred leap years and is super hard to find. The bane dragons currently reside there. Who knows someday they might come back. In that dimension (the X dimension) they live in five story mansions. Each one bigger than the white house.
The bane dragons have influenced humans many ways. The bogey man was a bane dragon trying to scare kids. The minotaur-The bane dragon was trying to see what a half man half bull looks like. The bane dragons were also the reasons the humans discovered fire. They set fire to a tree near a human village. The light - Bane Dragon invented. It forced Thomas Edison to pick up cotton. Usually its the soul of heart variation usually does the nice things. The soul of shadow of course does the more cruel and sometimes nice things.Even the creation of earth was Bane Dragon related. The Heart of Shadow Bane Dragons are the ones that transform into monsters. The heart of soul Bane Dragons are the ones who helped the Wright Brothers,Isaac Newton, And Thomas Edison.They all sent two meteors to hit each other right in the habitable zone . The creation of life on earth was made by bane dragons. The universe was made by bane dragons. 'Before the universe there was nothing -and bane dragons'-Lord Zane king of bane dragons. That transcript was translated by a strange librarian from the Great Library of Alexandria. He was strange because he was scaly and one eye was red the other was blue. Some believe he was Lord Zane Himself. Luckily Bane Dragons can be killed. If they shape shift into a fly (or something else thats weak) and you kill it it will be automatically dead. This is unlikely though because of the super attributes.
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