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english proj

book talk

kevin reynolds

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of english proj

The Dark Tower series some background information. Dark Tower I
The gunslinger the first book talks about Roland deschain (the main charactor) following the man in black across the desert and in to the mountains. while in the desert he saves a young boy named jake who somehow died in another world and ended up in Roland,s world. Dark Tower II
Drawing of the Three the second book talks about after roland catches the man in black and makes his way to the beach. at the beach there are 4 doors standing with nothing holding them up. Roland Goes through and enters other peoples minds in different worlds at different times. when he steps forward in their minds he taks control of their bodies and pulls them all though the door to his world Dark Tower III
The Waste Lands Roland and the three he pulls into his world
continue their journey along the beach in seach of the dark tower. The dark tower holds all the worlds together and is held up by the beams wich are breaking.once out off the beach and in a forest they meet up with a gardian of the beam wich is a robotic bear. later they find a doorway to jakes world and bring him back into Rolands world. Further along the beam they come to a forgotten city named Lud where jake is captured. They eventually escape on a robotic train that insists on commiting suicide at the end of the tracks and taking them with him. background information Dark Tower IV
The Wizard and Glass
The group escapes from blaine and finds themselves in another version of Kansas in another world where a plague has killed everyone. they start walking toward a crystal tower they see farr in the distance. while camping on the highway Roland tells about his past. when they continue and reach the tower they encounter the man in black (aka Randel Flagg) . Dark Tower V
Wolves of the Calla
They get out of the plaqued world and enter a small town called calla bryn sturgis. They learn that in this town the children are taken away by
what they call the wolves of thunderclap mountain. some of the children come back but are mentally handicapped. The group decides to help and stop the wolves but after the fight one of there group goes through a portal to another world.
Dark Tower VI
Song Of Susannah Susannah has another person named mia sharing her body with a demon child inside. Mia takes over and goes to another world to have her child and the group follows her to save susannah. they follow clues susannah leaves and find her in a place full of vampires and low men. they see Mia has her own body but the demon child drained all the liquid out of it. the group gets back together and continues their journey to the dark tower. Dark Tower VII Roland gets very close to the dark tower . He looses all of his group and friends but still finds his tower more important. the group gets together without roland or the tower in a very interesting way and when roland does reach the tower the end is very surprising. i liked this series an in particular this book becouse of how it was written and the story line itself. The story makes you think that alot of the plot to this story could very much be posible and some quotes such as the following, really made me think about how the part of men in black when there was a whole universe inside a locker and then about the part where they open a door and find that their whole universe is inside a locker in another world.
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