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What is AFL

Mikey Marx

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of AFL

We found AFL to be... “Opportunities for both learner and teacher to obtain and use information about progress towards learning goals,” (Arthur and Cremin, 2010: 235). What is AFL to you? In groups mind map what you AFL means to you?
Assessment for Learning In this presentation we plan to;
- Share ideas of AFL
- An overview of AFL
- Discuss BSE in relation to AFL
- Video
- Black box and Marking
BSE and AFL These are our experiences we've had in and how they affect the children.... Time for a video Research (‘Inside the Black Box’ Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam, 1998) has shown that there has been a tendency to mark for quantity and presentation of the work, rather than for quality. The accumulation of grades and marks is given priority, rather than examining children's work to ascertain future learning needs. Grading and marking has also been found to have a detrimental effect on some pupils, and can lead to lower self-esteem, since children tend to focus on the grade rather than comments. They do not know how to move forward or improve their work, and have little understanding about what to do next. By Kat, Sim Jen, James and Mikey Thank you 'Assessment for learning is a powerful way of raising pupils’ achievement. It is based on the principle that pupils will improve most if they understand the aim of their learning' (DCSF, 2008: 5) "...Children need to know how well they are doing...to help them understand how to progress further" (Cowley, 2009:80) The Black Box Marking
Set Targets Marking effectively Can you assess and mark this child's work Book review
This is a story about three bears and a norty girl who goes into there house and steels ther things. She dosent care about any thing and she tasts there porrij and she breaks the little chair and then she gos upsters and goes to sleep in the baby bears bed.
And then she thinks the daddy bear porrij is too lumpy and mrs bears chair is too soft.

I like the story and I think you shoud read it too. It has good pictures and the riting is not much on the page so you get to read it kwicly. The best bit is when the bears come home and baby bear has a tan trum like my little brother dos.
Think about and plan writing to ensure good organisation and logical sequencing.

Try to be more imaginative and use lots of interesting descriptive words.

Use a range of sentence connectives.

Use joined script.
Can you improve them? a. The child is able to read the comments

b. It acknowledges success, since the work fulfils the purpose of the book review

c. It asks for an improvement to be made, with some guidance provided

d. The child is given time to respond
Achievable Targets Good punctuation, Sam

I think I would like to read this story – you have made it sound interesting.

Could you write a bit more that tells me about the girl?

What was her name? What did she look like? Now lets share. Effective Marking to move the child forward
Marking and Feedback and Target Setting:-

Verbal feedback – dated/acknowledged
Marking comments written in appropriate language
Marking should relate to learning objectives and success criteria
Marking may also relate to NC levels, particularly in KS2, and will probably relate to individual targets
Marking codes/symbols should be used consistently
Response time to marking must be ‘built in’.
The frequency and amount of quality marking should be agreed amongst the staff Discussion Assessment only becomes ‘formative assessment’ when the evidence is actually used to adapt the teaching work to meet the needs.'
Inside the Black Box (Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam) Sticky high 5s "There are very few schools where all the principles of AfL, as I understand them, are being implemented effectively," Professor Wiliam told TES. "The problem is that government told schools that it was all about monitoring pupils' progress; it wasn't about pupils becoming owners of their own learning. http://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6261847 Professor William (Creator of the Black Box)
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