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The Great Gatsby

Social Trends in the 1920s

Mary V

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby

Food Prohibition Hair Styles Fashion, Hair Styles and Make up in the 1920s The Great Gatsby Social trends in the 1920s Mary Pickford Influences and celebrities D.W Griffith Charlie Chaplin Douglas Fairbanks -Known as Americas sweetheart
-Actress, producer, and screen writer
-Pickford's hair nod become a symbol of female virtue
-Image of virtuous but fiery girl next door
-Extremely attractive, warm-hearted, generous, funny -- but independent and fiery-tempered when the occasion demands -Film director, and film producer
-" The teacher of us all"
-No town, no industry, no profession, no art form owes so much to a single man
-Griffin's art which transformed creative expression throughout the world, establishing motion pictures as the dominant form the 20th century -First influence was his mom would entertain him as a child by sitting at the window and mimicking passer-by
-British comic actor and film maker
-Influenced Johnny Depp and Disney -American actor, screenwriter, director and producer
-Referred to as "The King of Hollywood"
-Men wanted to act like him
-Best friends with Charlie Chaplin
-The original Zorro, Robin Hood, and captain of the 3 musketeers
-Known to be fashionable and sportive
-Influenced public's style
-He developed the film industry further + therefore is an important role -Stopped the legal sale of alcoholic beverages
-Increased productions of soft drinks and juice Large crowd, low budget -Fried chicken, baked ham, finger sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly, chicken salad, etc).
-Bread sticks, potato chips, saltine
-Deviled eggs, celery, olives, pickles, salted nuts crackers Pop Culture in the 1920s Music Art Literature -Development of Surrealism and Art Deco became a new movement -Aims to "resolve the previously contradictory condition of dream and reality" -An electric style combining traditional art with the Mechanic Age
-The style is often characterized by rich colors, bold geometric shapes, and lavish ornamentation -F.Scott Fitzgerald published "The Great Gatsby"
-T.S Eliot published "The Waste Land"
"One of the most important poems of the 20th century."
-A.A Milne published "Winnie the Pooh"
The first 3 characters were Pooh, Piglet, and Eeyore, then 2 years later the character Tigger was introduced -The bob was a very popular
hairstyle for women at the time
-Many different types of the bob were: the French bob, the straight bob, shingle bob (also known as the boyish bob), the Valentine bob and the Castle bob, named after ballroom dancer Irene Castle Fashion Women
- Straight, curveless dresses were worn with bust flattening
- The chemise hung straight down to the knees was popular
- Skirts were knee lengths or shorter
- For women, face, figure, coiffure, posture and grooming were the important factors of a woman.
- Glamour was an important fashion trend, due to influences of the motion picture industry
- Like men, hats were important in the fashion industry for women
- A cloche hat told everyone that you have short hair.
- The cloche hat affected body posture as it was pulled well over the eyes which meant young women held their heads at a specific angle in order to see where they were going.
- Flappers was a very popular trend that happened in the 20s.
- Flapper dresses were straight and loose, leaving the arms bare (sometimes no straps at all) and dropping the waistline to the hips. Silk or rayon stockings. Make up -The eyes were quite dark, the whole eye was edged with a black eyeliner and then the margins blurred easily
-Black and downward sloping eyebrows, inked with a black or brown eyeliner Communication and Technology -During the early twenties cream or ivory colored face powder were used very often by women
-In the mid-20s lip colours in deep red, deep brownish reds, plum and orange, were used more
-Colors like rose, raspberry and medium red were new trend near the end of the 20s decade
-Lipsticks were applied as a "Cupid's Bow", exaggerating the lower lip and the width of the lips de-emphasized a little -Fingernails painted only in the nail center, the half-moon and nail tip were left bare and white WORK CITED Weston, Pauline. Flapper Fashion 1920s C20th Fashion History. May 7, 2013. http://www.fashion-era.com/flapper_fashion_1920s.htm . 2001-2013.
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.http://www.ohassta.org/technology/inventions.swf People of this era communicated via mail.
Reading books/articles from newspapers were their source of information and entertainment
They did not have TELEVISION until mid 1920's
There wasn't a variety of newspapers to choose from. Readers chose from 4/5 types of newspapers.
The radio was a good source of media as this device helped make advertisements ACTIVITIES OF INTEREST Music-Played instruments
Movies-Drive in Theatres
Following fashion trends
Participated in sports;(mainly soccer games)
Attended disco dances/parties -The Jazz Age emerged
-Jazz influenced dance music which became very widely popular throughout the 1920s
-First commercial radio stations were in the United States West End Blues - Louis Armstrong Men
- Much of the men's clothing in the 1920s took its cue from what popular atheletes were wearing
- The plus-fours, plus - eights, and plus-sixes were worn by gold stars (Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen) who topped them with colorful Fairisle sweaters (multi-colored, multi-pattern sweater styles that originated from Scotland)
- "Plus" pants are categorized by how far the pants below he knee before being secured around the leg area
- Tennis also influenced young men's fasion by wearing white trousers and V-neck sweaters
- Ties became casual, bow ties were fasionable, as well as knit ties
- Knit ties went well with the collegiate look and leisure clothes which made them popular
- No man of any class went out with out a hat
- In summer - Panama straw hat or shallow flattop
Autumn/ Winter - Felt fedora - Jazz Age gave everyone an edgier look
- Women made sportswear into the greatest change in post-war fashion http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/inventions-in-the-1920s
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