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Pregnancy Support Services

We provide free, professional counseling to women (and, if they want, their positive supports) for unexpected pregnancies. We provide adoption services as well as parenting support and baby items.

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Transcript of Pregnancy Support Services

What do we do? Pregnancy Support Services 3 programs (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr A ministry of Evangelical Child & Family Agency Offering Hope. Encouraging Growth. Building Confidence. 1946 Present 1950 (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Established in providing foster care in Christian family homes Today's prgrams include: Intact Families Safe Families Counseling Adoption Pregnancy Support
Services Pregnancy Testing Initial intake any point during pregnancy or baby
under 6 months. Sessions based on individual goals Discuss parenting and adoption, no matter what Start implementing current plan with continued discussion about informed decision Counseling from licensed social worker on life issues (relationships, coping skills, etc... Referrals to additional supportive services PSS Adoption Program
at ECFA International
Healthy Infants
andToddlers "Our baby was meant for his adoptive parents and them for him. They way they found each other was just a little complicated." Families licensed by State of Illinois
Multiple background checks
Minimum of 8-hour interview for
Minimum of 10 hours of education
and training
Evangelical Christian families
Open to openness and a lifelong
relationship with birth family Benefits Risks Parenting Adoption I don't have a job to pay for baby items
I don't know if my boyfriend will really help I have to trust "almost strangers" with my baby
I'll miss out on the important things
I don't think I can say goodbye to my baby Get to be a part of baby's "firsts"
I'll know my baby is safe I'll be able to focus more on finishing school
Another family will receive a gift (baby)
My baby will have parents that are ready for a baby First Steps: Explore all Options Birth Parents'
Rights and Responsibilities Established by IL DCFS
Agencies and attorneys are required to read aloud to every client
Lists the rights respect to planning an adoption
Provides resources for additional help Birth Father's Rights If the client wants, the baby's father can be involved in services as well. Baby Adoptive Parents Birthparents Foundation affirming sustaining giving Parenting involves three fundamental dimensions: giving life, sustaining life, and affirming life (Gritter, 2000) Adoption Birth Family Adoptive Family How it works
here Licensed social workers
Ability to help clients reach a confident decision
Support for parenting and adoption planning
Ability to travel
Separate adoption team
Continue services up to 6 months after delivery
Access to openness facilitator Adoption-God's Plan Moses (Exodus 2:1-10)
Barren women in the Bible
Adopted by God (Ephesians 1:3-9) Openness All families at ECFA are open to openness
Families and birthparents are partly matched based on initial preferences for openness
Openness is a relationship- develops and changes over time
Openness is unique to the individuals involved 1. What clients can
expect as PSS clients Compassion Free
Counseling Hope.
Confidence. Decision making
guidance Listening Professional
Care Adoptive families are normal families
Our agency does not make money on adoptions
Making informed decisions means discussing options
PSS meets with mother at least 3 times before she surrenders PSS Adoption
Triad "I'm not saying I'm glad I'm pregnant, but I am glad that I got to be a part of PSS and that this baby is changing me." Pregnancy Support Services was established out of the need to provide free, professional counseling to women, couples, and families to better inform, educate and equip them to make the best possible decisions for themselves and their babies. Commitment to Openness Prospective adoptive families are approved by ECFA only if their workers feel they are committed to openness.
Prospective families are encouraged to develop a plan for openness before they are selected to avoid impulse responses
All adoptive families sign "Openness Covenant" with birth families PSS Baby Care Homes Sometimes a mom chooses to place her baby with a loving, temporary family while she makes her final decision or while legal paperwork is completed
We know the families, and they're awesome people
Temporary, short-term care
Licensed as foster care homes
Multiple background checks
Homestudy interviews
Evangelical Christian families
Parents can read about them/see pictures before the baby stays in their home ... small http://www.pregsupport.org Entrustment
Ceremony Birth family can choose to have a religious or non-religions placement ceremony to celebrate the child's adoptive family and to physically place child with family "It’s hard being a parent but I do not regret my decision. I am so glad that PSS was there to support me during a very difficult and scary time in my life"- Tiffany, age 21 Call us with any questions.

ask for Pregnancy Support Services

A call does not mean that you've made a decision, except a decision that you don't have to do this alone. Standard Openness at ECFA Letters and Pictures at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months
Visit at six months and 12 months during the first year
Visits, letters, and pictures every year This is what ALL families are open to, some are open to more. Birth and Adoptive families mutually decide openness.
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