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Flooding in the U.K.

No description

Jonathan Pyatt

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Flooding in the U.K.

To gain knowledge of the social, environmental and economic effects of flooding in the U.K.
Learning Outcomes
be able to describe the problems faced by people and businesses affected by flooding (Grade 5).

be able to split these problems into social, environmental and political (Grade 6).

begin to suggest methods as to how flooding can be better managed in the future (Grade 7+).
is Somerset?
Who Should We Protect?
Using your post-it notes decide whether you would rather save an
community from flooding.

Urban =
Rural =
You are to be split into groups of 3/4, with each group representing different
Flooding in the U.K.
Learning Objective
Which picture do you think is the worst?
Flood plain
in relation to, or characteristic of a town or city.
in relation to, or characteristic of the countryside.
an area of low-lying ground adjacent to a river, prone to flooding.
to clear the bed of a river by scooping out mud, weeds and other debris.
Write a reason for your decision on your post-it note and stick it on the A3 paper at the front.
Each group has
ten minutes
to come up with an argument either for or against the protection of urban areas from flooding over rural areas.

Each group will then make a three minute presentation on your argument
to the Decision Committee.
The six groups are:
The Decision Committee
The Environment Agency
Rural Farmers
Rural Residents
Urban Businesses
Urban Residents
a person with an interest or concern in something.
Flooding in the News
There was lots of news reports in January 2014 about flooding in the Somerset Levels and along the River Thames.
What have we seen or heard?
Think / Pair / Share
Watch the video on the feelings of local residents of Somerset. How would you feel if this was you?
Thursday 3rd November 2016
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