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Supporting Our Opinions

A Writing Development Unit

Phillip Young

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Supporting Our Opinions

Writing Our Persuasive Speeches On the Journey towards... A Supported Opinion -is "your" point of view on a given topic supported with evidence and used to persuade an "your" audience NHL FANS SHOULD BOYCOTT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON thousands indirectly/directly employed by the industry were negatively affected by the players/owners strike
the strike has affected the overall image of Canada's game

fans have found other means to entertain themselves without hockey NOW consider a topic, express your opinion about it, and make a list of several reasons to support your point of view AND now to the outline for writing a "Supported Opinion Paragraph". i. Type good copy, double spaced
ii. Give your paragraph a title
iii. MLA first page in the top left corner
Your name
Teacher’s name
Language Arts
iv. Indent each paragraph
v. Edit and correct
vi. Print again with corrections made 3. Good Copy Topic Sentence (state your opinion related to the topic and give a reason why you think so—use words from the question in your sentence)
First of all… + main reason + 1st supporting detail with explanation
Secondly… + main reason + 2nd supporting detail with explanation
Thirdly… + main reason + 3rd supporting detail with explanation
Concluding sentence (restate your topic sentence in a different way and summarize supporting details.
(In conclusion…) ______________________________________________ 2. Paragraph Outline I believe that physical education should be mandatory in school because it promotes healthy living. First of all, physical education promotes healthy living by increasing fitness levels. As you become more fit, your strength and endurance improves. Secondly, physical education leads to a healthier life because it encourages students to think about making better food choices such as increasing the fruits and vegetables in their diet. Thirdly, physical education promotes healthy living because exercise helps reduce stress which makes it easier to do well at school. In conclusion, high schools should make phys ed a requirement because it can really help students become stronger and healthier both physically and mentally. Example Topic Sentence—state opinion and reason why
First of all + main reason + 1st supporting detail with explanation
Secondly + main reason + supporting detail with explanation
Thirdly + main reason + supporting details with explanation
Concluding Sentence—restate opinion in different words and summarize supporting ideas Structure A topic sentence which states your opinion and gives the main reason you think so
At least 3 sentences with supporting details and explanations that back up your main reason
A concluding sentence that restates your opinion using different wording, and summarizes the main ideas in the supporting sentences S.O. Paragraph Format — You need… To begin with, first of all, secondly, thirdly, finally, in conclusion
These words help to signal the reader that you are making a new point or that you are ending your paragraph by summarizing everything you have said Linking Words… Can include facts, statistics, quotations, anecdotes, examples etc.) Supporting Details… State your opinion clearly
Include the reason that you feel the way you do

Example: I think uniforms should be worn in high school because they reduce anxiety about clothes. Topic Sentence The Purpose for Writing
To state an opinion and provide evidence to support it
To persuade your audience of your point of view A Supported Opinion Paragraph Supporting detail Supporting detail Supporting detail Supporting detail Supporting detail Topic—your opinion + reason Brainstorm your ideas—use brainstorming map 1. Writing Steps Topic—your opinion + reason Supporting detail Supporting detail Supporting detail Supporting detail Supporting detail What are the pros and cons of automation? Automation - the replacement of human workers by technology OR the use of mechanical and electronic equipment to reduce the need for human labour. At your table group, brainstorm the 5W's and H of automation in society. How will automation affect the nature of work, the environment, and relationships between countries and people in the future? Pretend you are presenting a paper in front of the United Nations about the future of automation in the workplace. Take a look back at your list of PROS and CONS and formulate an opinion as an answer to the questions about automation. On a separate and new piece of chart paper, work together as a group to formulate your opinion about "the future of automation in the workplace". Once your group has done so, discuss as a group what yu feel are your 3 strongest supporting details for the opinion you have formed. The final task will be to develop a concluding statement.
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