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Kinect based Rehabilitation

Project presentation for MSIWF event

Rohit Bharadwaj

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Kinect based Rehabilitation

Virtual Rehabilitation using KINECT The Researchers Dr. JOHN JOHN CABIBIHAN Assistant Professor
National University of Singapore Rohit S. Bharadwaj Student - M.Sc
Nation University of Singapore AIM Propose a low cost , in-house rehabilitation device

Study its effectiveness in improving Hand eye co-ordination and muscle flexion OBJECTIVE Can Virtual Rehabilitation do better than Conventional methods?
YES!! Literature survey shows that VR has proven to be better than conventional training Is the system cost effective?
YES!! Kinect is an in house low cost controller that is capable of creating a vibrant virtual rehabilitation environment But, is Kinect an effective VR system?
To find out, the following steps were taken ---
1. Design a fun interactive game for Kinect
2. Test the game on a set of healthy volunteers as part of the pilot study
3. Test on participant with shoulder injury
4. Statistical analysis to check improvement The GAME The Experiment RESULTS Healthy Volunteers Subject x Future Work Future work in this field for this project would involve :

Enhancing the game - better graphics, Audio/video motivation to keep up the enjoyment level and concentration of participants

Time study - Study needs to be done for longer durations not only per game but number of days and/or weeks

Increased experimental group

Advanced statistical analysis

Stress analysis

Extend the scope to test on elderly participants and subjects with hemiparetic condition FUNDED BY We would like to thank MSIG for funding our project
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