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Pig Production

No description

shelby mcbride

on 23 January 2017

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Transcript of Pig Production

Pig Production
By: Shelby McBride

The Landrace pig originated in England . The Landrace has an all white long body. The Landrace pig also has droopy ears. The pigs farrow and raise large litters. The Landrace pig are heavy milker also. The Landrace is gentle, and social. They get used to human interaction very easily.
The Berkshire pig was originated in an English country. The Berkshire pig used to be a sandy brown but now is black. the pig is all black with white feet, and a white nose. They have pointed ears and an arched back. They also are very muscular. The Berkshire pig is raised for meat (ham, sausage, and bacon). They have small lungs and usually live up to 6-10 years old.
Chester White
The Chester White pig originated in Chester county Pennsylvania. The Chester White pig is completely white with medium floppy ears. The Chester White pig is adaptable, durable, they are good moms, and aggressive males.
The Hereford pig originated in Iowa and Nebraska. The Hereford pig is a rare type of breed. The Hereford pig is redish brown with a white face. The Hereford pig has floppy ears and has very dull meat.
Poland China
The Poland China was first bred in Miami in 1816. The Poland China is black with 6 white patches. The Poland China is an extremely calm type of breed. The Poland China also has a good pork pork production.
The Spotted pig was originated in England in the 1800s. The Spotted pig is white with black spots. The Spotted pig has floppy ears and has wrinkles. The Spotted pig is also used for their lean meats.
The Duroc pig was originated in New Jersey. The Duroc pig is golden yellow, dark red, and mahogany. The Duroc pig has floppy/droopy ears. The Duroc pig is aggressive against humans. The Duroc pig has a good carcass and is the fastest growing pig in America.
The Hampshire pig was originated in England. The Hampshire pig is known as an old English breed. The Hampshire pig is used for meat and breeding. The Hampshire pig is black with a white belt, and white front legs.
Mule Foot
The Mule Foot pigs origination is not known. The pig was brought to America in the 1500s. The Mule Foot is all black. The Mule foot pig has very lean meat also.
The Pietrain pig originated in Pietrain Belgium. The Pietrain pig has bulging ham muscles. The Pietrain pig is light pink with dark spots. The Pietrain pig also has erect ears
The Tamworth pig originated in the United Kingdom in 1885. The Tamworth pig is pale ginger with erect ears. The Tamworth pig is good in cold weather and forests. The Tamworth pig is also very territorial.
The Yorkshire pig originated in England in 1761. The Yorkshire pig is an all white pig with verticle ears. The Yorkshire pig can last through extreme weather. The Yorkshire pig is also known as the bacon breed.
Pig Managment Practices
Ear Notching
Ear notching is a quick and easy way to mark and identify an animal. And when ear notching an animal you only get one chance to get it right.
Iron Suppliment Shots
Iron suppliment shots are used for pigs when they are 1 day old. Because pigs are iron defficiant, and they lose all of their iron 5 days after they are born.
Tail Docking
Tail Docking is used for pigs so they dont chew on there tails. Tail docking is also used so they dont trip over them.
Unbilical Cord Clippings
Unbilical cord clipping is used for so the pigs dont drag it. But the cord is not completely cut off because it is needed for healing.
Pig Breeds
The End!!!!
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