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USII.7: World War II

USII.7, World War 2. Causes, events, aftermath.

Jeffrey Pennington

on 8 August 2016

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Transcript of USII.7: World War II

The Causes and Effects of American Involvement
Setting the Stage
Causes of WWII
The Allies
The Theaters
Political and economic conditions in Europe following World War I led to the rise of FASCIM and to World War II
Political Instability following WWI
Democratic nations like:
American policy was to stay out and provide support for allies with money and equipment.
Major Events
World War II
The rise of fascism threatened peace in Europe and Asia.
As conflict grew in Europe and Asia, American foreign policy evolved from neutrality to direct involvement.
Rise of FASCISM!
Worldwide Depression
High war debt owed by Germany
High inflation
Massive Unemployment
What is fascism?
Political Philosophy
Power is given to a dictator
Individual freedoms are denied
Nationalism and racism are emphasized
Fascist dictators of the time included:
Adolf Hitler (Germany)
Benito Mussolini (Italy)
Hideki Tojo (Japan)
The Axis Powers
The United States
Great Britain
Leaders included:
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman (The United States)
The Soviet Union
Winston Churchill (Great Britain)
Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union)
But then, a day of infamy!
Rising tension developed between the United States and Japan because of Japanese aggression in East Asia.
Japan attacks the United States at Pearl Harbor without warning!
December 7, 1941
The United States declares war on Japan!
German declares war on the United States!
We practiced Isolationism (not getting involved)
The War at Home
Germany invades Poland
Germany invades France, captures Paris
Germany bombs London, so begins the Battle of Britain
The United States gives Britain war supplies
In return for military bases in Bermuda and the Caribbean.
This is the Lend Lease program.
Japan bombs Pearl Harbor
US declares war on Japan, Germany declares war on the US
US victory at the Battle of Midway!
This is the turning point of the war in the Pacific!
Germany invades the Soviet Union
The Soviet Union defeats Germany at Stalingrad
This is the turning point of the war in Eastern Europe
American and other Allied troops land in Normandy, France
The United States drops 2 atomic bombs on Japan in 1945
The Holocaust
The Holocaust was the systematic attempt to rid Europe of all Jewish people.
Anti-Semitism is hostility or hatred towards Jewish people.
This was fueled by the belief in Aryan Supremacy
Aryan Supremacy is the belief that a specific group of white Europeans is superior to all other races or ethnic groups.
The Nazi Party used an ever-escalating set of tactics against Jews
Boycott of Jewish stores
Imprisonment and killing of Jews and other groups
Concentration Camps and Death Camps
The Allied forces liberated Jews and others who survived in concentration camps
American involvement in World War II brought an end to the Great Depression.
Factories and workers were needed to produce goods to win the war.
Thousands of American women took jobs in defense plants during the war
Americans at home supported the war by conserving and rationing resources.
The need for workers temporarily broke down some racial barriers
...discrimination against African Americans continued...
While many Japanese Americans served in the armed forces, others were treated with distrust and prejudice, and many were forced into internment camps.
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