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Twitter in the EFL Classroom


Trine Mork

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Twitter in the EFL Classroom

Twitter in the
EFL Classroom trine_mork
morksensei What's ?? a microblogging system
posts =<140 characters
(= 1 to 3 sentences) What's the Appeal? 1 time, 1 place, real time
concise messages
VERY easy to use
high frequency of communication
with a large # of people
great for high-end devices (iphone,
FUN! 5 112 479 users (Twitdir.com)
Already evolved well beyond expected use
Hundreds of 3rd party applications founders: Evan Williams & Biz Stone Presentation Outline Screen shots
Usage Tips
Activities communication with
other classmates
about class content
already! (2nd week) CommonCraft.com Advantages for Teachers 1. communicating class content 2. sending out small, timely pieces of information 3. encouraging collaboration and feedback Advantages for Students 1. learning to write concisely 2. communicating more frequently in writing
(140 characters is unintimidating for EFL learners) 3. broadening horizons through English 4. learning about online networking
and gaining general computer skills Screen Shots Usage Tips Get the bird off the ground! 1GET STUDENTS TO:

1) Sign up
2) Create profile (BIO, Blog URL, Design)
3) Follow teacher, classmates, class group
4) 6X Tweets
5) 2X Replies
6) Report about experience on blog 1. Learn about Twitter! 3. Make a group account (?) Englishfeed (http://twitter.com/englishfeed)
ESL Time (http://twitter.com/esltime) 2. Create a Teacher Account 4. Provide Self-Study Help 5. Get students to use picture
and coded user name 6. Allert to possibility of spam Activities "Twittories"
(http://twittories.wikispaces.com/) Composition Poetry Haiku Tanka Vocabulary 1. sentence-making 2. word-tracking track, track, track! Twitter Search (http://search.twitter.com)
Twist (http://twist.flaptor.com)
Tweetmeme (http://tweetmeme.com/) lateral thinking stories, grammar clozes, trivia questions, etc. murder mysteries Keypals interschool interclass Student Initiated
Learning Activities Other Uses/ Benefits
for Teachers Polling Twtpoll (http://twtpoll.com)
PollDaddy (http://twitter.polldaddy.com) Monitoring Sharing Instantanious Feedback Collaborative Stories
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