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Project Management

No description

Karen Cass

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Project Management

your project

your project

Project Management
your project

Evaluate the outcomes
Gauge your success against your SMART objectives
Learn from mistakes
Handover/store the 'products' and documentation

Understand and share the language
What is a project?
A project is a temporary organization that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to an agreed business case.
- Prince 2
Not Business As Usual
It is the planning, delegating, monitoring and control of all aspects of the project...to achieve the project objectives within the expected...time, cost, quality, scope, benefits and risks.
- Prince 2
A ‘temporary organisation’ set up to:
produce an outcome (to a specified standard)
by a particular time
using agreed resources (money, staff time)
Results in 'Products'
Business Case
Why are you doing it?
Greater awareness?
Increase profits?
Achieve recognition?
Improve conditions?
Save lives?
A first?

Final Project
Helps me learn new skills, demonstrate my abilities, promote myself, achieve my degree - all of which makes me more employable
and I will be more likely to get a job/clients/work and ££££s.
Fully describe the 'products' eg.
Confirm the 'tolerances'
What 'quality' is unacceptable?
What time slippage is unacceptable?
What risks are unacceptable?
When does the project cease to be viable?
What is its purpose?
Manage your final projects
Apply the principles to any part of your life - getting a job, throwing a party etc
Be more employable
Confirm the resources available
Karen Cass
Creative Futures
Meet with stakeholders and agree..
Group members
at least X minutes long
X people in the audience
recorded onto specific format
Must include ....
Dissertation of x thousand words
Promotional stall on (date)
Plinth mounted
X thousand word essay submitted through moodle
Meet with your team...
Confirm the 'controls'
(who, how often?)

Progress reports
(emails to whom?)

(where is being 'kept'?)

Version controls
(cloud-based working?)

Risk management
(who, how often?)

Financial controls
(who can spend how much)

1. Create a list of all the tasks
4. Put them in order to
create a Gantt Chart
5. Delegate the tasks
2. Determine their durations
3. Add their deadlines
Communicate the project
x sized poster
Hard copy portfolio
CF Project Management
What will stop your project going wrong?
Set up all the systems you will be using
Schedule all the deadlines and meetings
Communicate with and inspire your team
Make sure they are keeping you up to date with task progress, risks and completion
Refer things upwards if there are issues outside the tolerances eg. the money hasnt been raised, the final deadlines wont be met

Objectives might be..
To create a live 60 minute performance in front of an audience of over 30 people by April 29th
To ensure the performance is documented on video and submitted with accompanying materials by 00/00/00
To ensure the project has created opportunities that will develop my career by providing at least 5 new contacts, audio visual and photographic portfolio materials and experience of project management for my CV and interviews.
To achieve at least one review for the project within a month of the performance.
Group members, Tutors, technicians, etc
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