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"Crossing The Wire" by Will Hobbs

a report on "Crossing The Wire"

Gabriel Arroyo

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of "Crossing The Wire" by Will Hobbs

Crossing The Wire
By Will Hobbs Plot Description Characters conflict you would like this book if..... this book takes place in Mexico and Arizona, it's about a boy named Victor who crosses the border to make money to send back to his family
there are many settings in the book it takes place in citys in Mexico and Arizona
in the beginning of the book victors best friend leaves to cross to Arizona with money his older brother sent him to pay coyotes
Victor reaches Nogales and try to poss threw a tunnel that was very dangerous
the main character is Victor he a young man that makes money farming corn but when the prices for corn fall down he is force to fine a new way to get money
Rico who is Victors best friend is the protagonist helps Victor get away from the antagonist who is Jarra a man from the border patrol trying to deport them back the problem is victor needs to get money for him and his family so he dose the same thing Rico did cross the border but that easier said that done. you are a young reader and like books about some one going on a difficult and dangerous journey
if you like La Ranchera music because that music most of the time describes the hard times people have in Mexico and crossing the border Gabriel Arroyo hour 1
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