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The Half-Life Of Plastic

No description

Caroline Lawing

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of The Half-Life Of Plastic

The Half-Life Of Plastic
By: Caroline Lawing
Decay Function
y = A(1-r)^x
A = 100
R = 15
Y = 100(1-15)^x
Exponential Decay Function
y = A(1-r)^x
A = 450
R = 800
Y = 450(1-800)^x

Why is plastic detrimental to the environment ?
Plastic is harmful to our environment because it can harm many things within our community. It can suffocate animals and be used to litter and trash our roads and highways.
What is the half life of plastic bags ?
The half life of plastic is believed to be 450 years to 800 years, other claim it could be 1,000 years but no definite number has ever been proclaimed.
What are some of the many ways we use plastic in our everyday lives ?
We use an enormous amount of plastic each and every day. It is what we drink our water from, what our keyboards consist of, & even the gum we chew has plastic within it.
Prevention of Plastic
My family & I can help prevent plastic from hurting our environment by properly disposing of it and recycling.
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