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Introduction to topics as a learning Activity

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Ivy Amoakohene-Meighan

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Introduction to topics as a learning Activity

Reporting Information
The weekly and monthly progress monitoring will be recorded on a student chart for teacher's record.
Quarterly benchmarks will be recorded on a data base for both administrator and district access.
Student's Confidential File.
Collect /Record Information
Weekly progress monitoring.
Monthly progress monitoring.
Quarterly benchmark assessments.
Needs Assessment
Student Services has requested benchmark assessments of students on phonemic awareness over the next 3 quarters of the school year. The point of the assessment is to track students' learning goals for the school year.
What do you want to know?
Are students retaining lessons taught? Are learning goals showing in benchmark scores?
Learning Gains
Teacher will complete a weekly lesson on phonemic awareness, which will consist of letter naming, letter sounds, and blending in an attempt to improve students' reading abilities. At the end of each week, students will take a mini assessment of the week's lesson.
Letter Recognition
You're going to practice saying the names for some letters.
When I point to the left of a letter, figure out the name in your head. Say the name of the letter when I tap under it.
I'll model for you how to say the name of the first two letters. My turn.
d h m
f r w
Your turn.
d h m
r r w

1. McCawley, P.F. (n.a.). Methods for conducting an Educational Needs Assessment.

2. Kwok, R., Patterson, M. (2015). SLD Round-Up.
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