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Mobile Apps for Teachers

No description

Darren Pries

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Mobile Apps for Teachers

Mobile Apps for Teachers
At Lakehead
In the Classroom
Save your files
Keep Notes
Google Apps
Lakehead email is powered by Google, giving you easy access to all their apps.
Show videos in your classroom to teach a topic or illustrate a point
Whiteboards and quick polling for the classroom
Classroom Management
Track attendance, behavior, grades and more
Literacy and Language
Stay in touch with students and parents
Everything Else
Maps of the World
Darren Pries
Lakehead University Orillia Library
September 26 & 27

The easiest way to access your Lakehead email on mobile
Store your papers and lesson plans
Share them with your group
Easy access on your phone, tablet or any computer
Plan your schedule
Keep organized
Stay ahead of your assignments
Android only
Group video chats
Instant messenging
Any Google app will work with your Lakehead account
Everything Else
(Free) (Free) ($5.99, Free)
Take Notes
Sync your files between your computers and mobile devices
easily share files with other dropbox users
Powerful note taking and storage app
Save notes as text, snap a picture or record your voice
The Binder app gives you access to your Desire2Learn content on your mobile device
iOS only
SmartBoard software on your iPad
iOS only
Smart Notebook
Teach a topic visually
Create a playlist to review the lesson
Record and archive critical parts of your lesson for absent students and for your own future use
Unique talks on riveting topics by interesting people
Use to explain a difficult lesson or enhance your own content
YouTube or TED for the classroom!
over 4200 videos covering K-12 Math, Science and more
iOS only but there are a few free unofficial Khan apps for Android
Khan Academy
Stream your lessons from your tablet to a classroom computer or SmartBoard
Annotate on the fly
Spotlight a specific area
$20 (50% on Android for a limited time)
Splashtop Whiteboard
Save your lessons, download others
Draw, write, annotate and more
Import images and video
iOS only
Educreations Interactive Whiteboard
Quiz your class using multiple choice or short answer questions
Socrative automatically tallys the answers
Track Attendance and grading
Keep track of your lessons
Random Student caller
Includes a seating chart organizer
Android only
$12 with a free demo for up to 5 students
Teacher Aide Pro
Send reminder text messages to your entire class and their parents
Completely private: Teachers never see students' phone numbers. Students never see the teacher's.
Facebook for classrooms
Secure classroom discussions
Post assignments
Gradebook and progress tracking
File sharing
A private messaging service to keep teachers, students and parents in sync
exchange messages via the app, website, email or text
Send photos, create Surveys, Donation and Meeting requests
iOS only (Android coming soon)
Grade presentations and athletics as they happen
Add videos, images and notes for easier assessment
Share the results via email or Dropbox
$2 iOS, $1 Android
Easy Assessment
Track grades and assignments for multiple classes and students
Add notes to grades
Email a progress report to the student
Sync over wifi, bluetooth or USB with the Windows companion app
Android only
Keep track of grades, exams, assignments, attendance for all your classes and students
Includes Reminders, checklists, notes, age/birthdays
Seating charts available with an extra purchase
Data import/export with your PC
Android only ($10)
Interactive maps from around the world
Illustrate geopolitical shifts over time
178 maps included, more available grouped by continent for $5-8
iOS only
Teach the periodic table using examples of each element
Each element is represented by a sample (tin soldier for tin, gold nugget for gold, etc)
Tap each sample for more examples as well as facts and figures of the element
iOS only ($13.99)
The Elements:
A Visual Exploration
Geography quizzes covering topics from capital cities and national flags to weather and physical geography
Brain Cafe:
Learn to play the piano using popular and classical songs
Control the tempo, notes and beat as Magic Piano guides you through each song
Magic Piano
Teachers can communicate with nearby devices to manage content
Create and manage homework from the app
iOS only
While you're in professional year, check out these apps to make your school life easier
Interactive Whiteboard
Save your lessons, download others
Draw, write, annotate and more
Import images
iOS only
TED Videos
"A search engine for learning"
Includes 10 million learning resources
Create a class page to share resources, quizzes and more
US based
iOS only
Gradebook Pro
Keep track of individual behavior
Reward students for good behavior
Engage students with their own chosen colourful characters
Share progress with the child's parents
Record grades with numbers or letter grades
Add notes to grades
View student averages, total points and high grades
Also allows classroom management tools like attendance and behavior
iOS only ($10)
Record grades, behavior, attendance and more
Add a photo, email address and phone number of each student to their profile
Contact parents and students using group or individual communications
Create a seating chart for your class
iOS only
Teach and practice reading and writing
Uses the Montessori method of discovery learning
iOS only ($4.99), related apps on letters, numbers and colours also available for $4.99
Alpha Writer
Includes 5 free ebooks with thousands more available for purchase
Includes read-to-me books, definitions and learning activities
Teaches the 1000 most common English words
Learn reading, writing and spelling through text and audio
iOS only
Fry Words
Learn the parts of a sentence with fun characters, videos and games
Noun neighborhood included, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and more available with in app purchase
Teach fractions, decimals and percents using math manipulatives
Includes fraction bars and circles
iOS only
Virtual Manipulatives
Learn numbers, counting, fractions, decimals and more through games
Build and customize your rocket
iOS only, $1
Learn fractions, decimals and percents by ordering them on a number line
The faster the circles are set, the higher the score
iOS only
Number Line
Learn adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing through a chalkboard style interface
Configure Math Board to your abilities
Use the scratchboard to work through the problem
Help sharpen basic phonics
Helps teach long and short vowel sounds, rhyming families and more
iOS only, $5
Phonics Made Easy
Help Mr. Crab collect the numbered balls by dragging him with your finger - and drawing the letter at the same time.
Lite includes ABC and 3 words, full version available for $3
iOS only
iWriteWords Lite
Learn energy & Work, force, power, loading, and mechanisms through a variety of games
iOS only
Autodesk Digital STEAM Applied Mechanics
Learn numbers, counting and basic math through a fun, colourful game
Kids Numbers and Math Lite
Complete puzzles using colourful tangrams
More than 550 designs including people, animals, buildings, numbers, boats, stuff, geometry and more
Android only
Tangram HD
Learn numbers, counting and basic math through time based challenges
Choose integers, fractions or decimals
Android only
Math Quiz
Lensoo Create &
UTGreat Whiteboard
New apps
Allow the recording of lessons like Educreations and ShowMe
Android Only
Import PDFs and pictures
Import pictures
Browse for more apps
iTunes - Education
Google Play for Education
Darren Pries

Facebook: Lakehead-Orillia Library
Twitter: @LakeheadLibOR
Assignments and Classes
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