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British Imperialism In south africa

No description

Karen Nguyen

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of British Imperialism In south africa

South Africa Nation before the Era of British Imperialism
3.)What were the stated goals and objectives of Imperialist nation?
4.) What major events lead to British Imperialism?(Battle and Treaties)
The establishment of colonies signaled a change in the way of life of the Africans. The Europeans made the profit to change the political system, community, and economic lives of the people they conquered.
British Imperialism in South Africa
Karen Nguyen, Teresa Nguyen, Chris Tran, Alex Lee
Period 3

Political System
-they ranged from large empires that united many ethic groups to independent villages.

Economic System
-Africans controlled their own trade networks and provided the trade items.
-Africans proved to be the continents rich material resources.
-The Belgian Congo contained untold wealth in copper and tin even these riches seemed small compared with the gold and diamonds.

Cultural Identity
-Africans huge variety of languages and cultures discouraged unity among them.
Works Cited
2.)What role did the industrial revolution play in the imperialist nations desire for over seas territories?
The introduction of steam-powered riverboats allowed Europeans to conduct major expeditions in Africa.
-Railroads, cables, and steamships allowed Europeans to communicate within and between a colony and its controlling nation.
5.) How did British imperialism change South Africa's nation?
6.)What was the response of the british imperialized nations?(Resistance movement, Cooperation)
The British and French promised to teach the South Africans how to be Western and civilized. What they really wanted was to take over South Africa and to stop the slave trade.
-This is an example of how the Europeans started to conquer South Africa.
1.)Describe how South Africa nation was before the era of the British imperialism.
Industrialization caused many countries to hope for more resources for their own industrial production. Africa was looked as a source of raw materials and as a market for industrial products. Due to imperialism, stronger countries dominated Africa's political system, economic system, and social life.
British imperialism changed South Africa's nation because they divided its colonies and changed their society. It also affected African economies and made them dependent on trade with Britain. With the help of British missionaries and military, they were able to stop slave trade and gain back freedom of slaves.
This example shows that despite of Britain's domination of South Africa, they also provided positive effects such as freeing slaves.
(McDougal Littell 339)
(McDougal Littell 342)
(McDougal Littell 339)
The Berlin Conference of 1884–85 caused the land of Africa to be divided between the 14 European nations
First Anglo Boer War December 16, 1880- 23 March 1881
Modern World History pg.342
First South African War 1880-1881 | First Anglo Boer War | South African History Online
The African people started to create a resistance for the demand of land and labor
Bambatha, a Zulu chief, organized an armed rebellion against British colonial
Maji Maji Uprising
The fight against colonialism and imperialism in Africa | South African History Online
Maji Maji Uprising (1905-1907) | The Black Past: Remembered and Reclaimed

Maji Maji Prisoners
("The British In Africa." National Archives. Ben Walsh, n.d. Web.)
Berlin Conference
This Example shows that these goals built up the African life. Their culture lives is controlled by their own system.
This example matters that these events changed the African nation could eventually waged war all over the fourteen European nations.
This example shows that this event given the resistant to the Africans in demanding their land. Started to rebelling against the British soldiers.
These examples showed why the Imperial nation wanted to take over territories over-seas.
McDougal Littell - pages 339-342
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