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Mr. Smeaders Vacation

No description

Dominic Puzevic

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Mr. Smeaders Vacation

Mr Smeaders Vacation By: Dominic Puzevic This is Machu Pichu the first place you will go in Peru The second thing Mr . smeader will be doing is taking a trip through the amazon that will be for 3 days This is a leopard eating a Alligator so you will have to be careful 1 US dollar is 2.83 peruvian dollars
Peru the last stop is cusco per and u will just sight see and hang around
This is cusco well the circled part and that is where u eill be staying and do a lot of sight seeing and hanging out The The highlighted part is Cuzco and thats where you will stay and chill out for the last couple days Mexico Jamaica The first place you will go in mexico is copper canyon, This is a small water fall in copper canyon!
The second thing you will do is go snorkeling with whale sharks! T The last thing you will do is go on an ATV tour LAST STOP JAMAICA! Bamboo Rafting is the 1st thing you will do in Jamaica The 2nd thing you will do is swim with dolphins=) The last thing he will do is go on a canopy sipline through the forest
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