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Library Inquiry PaperBack OL+PT

Library Inquiry Pin and Odette

Odette NIST

on 9 November 2010

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Transcript of Library Inquiry PaperBack OL+PT

Library Inquiry Junior Fiction Paper Back Fiction Hard readers JF STI 3 letters of the authors last name
example of Geronimo Stilton. (Sorted by) JF means Junior Fiction Book Caurosel Question: Why is the Paper backs and the hardcovers seperated?
Answer: To have space in the library to have seperation. Where does the new paper Backs go?
Well it goes to the display shelf How do we know that the paper backs are new?
Ms Jen said that we can look at the stamps at the back or we can look at the publishing date If the Paper Backs are really old do they keep it or do they throw it like the non-fiction books?
Answer: She said that she weeds the library and she sees if it is very old then she will order new ones. The old ones she donates them to other schools. Geronimo Stilton Harry Potter Jeremy Strong FableHaven Jacqueline Wilson J.K. Rowling Bridge to Terabithia Walk Two Moons Beverly Cleary Michael Morpurgo James Howe Hoot Andrew Clements Cornelia Funke Betty Ren Wright Marguerite Henry Sharon Creech Thank You ^_^ Book Caurasel Question:Why is there many copies of the same book?
Answer:Because many people want to read a book so Ms Jennifer buys more copies of those books The book is organized by 3 letters of the authors last name like: JF STI is for Geronimo Stilton because of Stilton you cut the lton out of stilton where does the new paper backs go?
It goes to a display shelf near the carpet by Pin and Odette :)
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