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Definite/Indefinite articles

No description

Natalie Hearn

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Definite/Indefinite articles

The Rules: "The" Use "the" when referring to something specific and only one of:
"I'm walking the dog" means "I'm walking MY dog"
"The boy was running to school" means "The boy I can see is running to school"
"Can you pass me the dictionary?" means "Can you pass me that dictionary over there?" The Rules: "A" Use "a" when you refer to something
- general
- many of:
"Let's read a book" means "Let's read ANY book"
"I am a teacher" means "I am one of MANY teachers" In summary A = GENERAL, ONE OF MANY
AN = same as a, but if the next word begins with a VOWEL
THE = INDIVIDUAL, ONLY ONE Indefinite and Definite Articles Using A, An and The Today's Lesson Go over the use of "a", "an" and "the"
Team quiz! It is
that you understand when the use the correct article! If you cannot use articles correctly, your English will never be as good a it could be! So listen carefully today and it will help you in second grade, third grade and beyond! Question When do you use "a"? Use "a" when you are referring to something general and that there are many of! The Rules: "An" Use "an" the same as "a", but when the word after has a vowel There is a animal There is an animal I bought a apple I bought an apple Question When do you use "an"? Question When do you use "the"? Use "an" the same as "a", but when the word after starts with a vowel

a, e, i, o, u Use "the" for something specific or only one of For example "I have a house.
The house has a dog.
The dog sits in the window"

"I ate an apple.
The apple was green" QUIZ! Write down the correct article in these sentences: 1. "She is ________ English teacher"
2. "He is ___________ Principal"
3. (a) "I ate at _______ Chinese restaurant. (b) _______ restaurant was good."
4. "I bought _____ apple"
5. "I am _____ astronaut" Which of these sentences is right? 6.
(a) I ate the apple
(b) I ate a apple
(c) I ate an apple

(a) I live in a London
(b) I live in the London
(c) I live in London Which article is used when something is general, non-specific and one of many, but is followed by a word that begins with 'O'? 8. (a) "A" (b) "An" (c) "The" HOWEVER
You do not use "A", "An" or "The" in place names
e.g. I live in Japan, NOT "I live in the Japan"
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