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Elementary Instruction Through Postmodern Art

No description

Amanda Kepner

on 13 February 2011

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Transcript of Elementary Instruction Through Postmodern Art

Elementary Instruction Through Postmodern Art Courtney McNabb, Brandy Lincoln, Amanda Kepner What is postmodern art? art that relates to the "real world"
for our students this means life outside of school
reflects many different values and perspectives that overlap
redefines the function of art in society and ultimately art in education Postmodern Art and the Holistic Approach places importance on the process of creating art
encourages students to use critical thinking skills
focuses on constructing meaning behind the work Incorporating Postmodern Art into the Classroom Postmodern art provides logical content for instruction by:
strengthening critical thinking skills
opening doors for discussion
exploring multiple meanings The 4 Social Critiques ecological/social issues
myth of originality
historical/autographical narrative
class, race, gender Class, Race, Gender Maya Lin Ecological/Social Issues Sea Full of Clouds, What Can I Do?
By: Ciel Bergman and Nancy Merrill Myth of Originality Buy Me and I'll Change Your Life
By: Barbara Kruger Critique of Historic/Autobiographical Narrative Tar Beach - storyquilt
By: Faith Ringgold 5th Grade Narrative Lesson looked at memorial
considered context in which created
aesthetic issues: importance of form and function
identified other commemorative sculptures
created own commemorative sculptures Art Workshop! BRAINSTORM about any person, place, or event that has made an impact on your life (personal or public)
make a commemorative piece of artwork Art for Thought "... engages students in content learning that not only enlarges their knowledge of contemporary art but also positively influences their commonly held beliefs or attitudes regarding the function of art in society. Encouraging students to view art as a vehicle not only for personal expression or decorations but also as a means of providing social critiques of substance, may develop a new more sophisticated perception of the visual arts."
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