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Extended Project Presentation

Presentation on my Extended Project

Sanjay Sharma

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Extended Project Presentation

The Project... Extended Project Presentation My Project Project Outline... Project Outline Continued... Problems I Faced... Resources Used... Skills I learnt/developed... Next Time... My projects title is: How does the formation and evolution of a star outline its characteristics? When I carried out my plan I looked at many different topics that I could use to incorporate within my work. My project focuses mainly on 'stars' and how they are formed. I used a variety of sources these include: •I left my USB in the I.T room during the holidays therefore I was left behind on some work. If I had to start my project again from scratch I would have... I initially chose to do it on this topic due to it being a vast and interesting topic. Therefore, I had a huge amount of information to have access to. Therefore I was able to expand my ideas on a wider scale, allowing me to access more information... This also helped me to create my working title for my project, i.e. I used different subheadings within my work and put them together to diversify my project title. Books E-Books Journals (both paper based and online) Online Articles ATHENS account I improved my Time Management skill I learned how to check the reliability of a source successfully I developed my skill to successfully extract bits of information from large sources of information I also learned how to use Prezi Used more Books to add to my information •I also missed a couple lessons due to me being ill, therefore I missed a couple deadlines. I overcame this by making more time for myself to complete my project so that I could meet my deadlines. My project outline was essentially determined by my extended project diary. My diary enabled me to stay on top of my schedule so that I could finish everything in time. •I faced a problem of learning many new terms and ideas that were interesting but were also very complex. Learned how to successfully Harvard Reference I would have tried to find more information by using questionnaires and surveys. Created a document where I could evaluate my work as I went along
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