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BUSI 2405 Lecture 03A - Product Design

No description

Brad Anderson

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of BUSI 2405 Lecture 03A - Product Design

Product Design
Brad Anderson
“He stood out in three ways – as a technologist, as a corporate leader and as somebody who was ABLE TO MAKE PEOPLE LOVE WHAT HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN IMPERSONAL, FUNCTIONAL GADGETS. Strangely, it is this last quality that may have the deepest effect on the way people live.”
“His great achievement was to combine an emotional spark with computer technology, and make the resulting product feel personal.”
Accolades for Steve Jobs
Source: "The Magician," The Economist, October 8-14, 2011
Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
House of Quality
Capturing the voice of the customer
Brainstorm product/service improvements for Kwantlen
What do students want?
Pick 3-4 of the best ideas
List them here
Score each ideas importance
1-5; 5 = very important
How can Kwantlen deliver those customer wants?
List here
Strength of relationship between each want and each solution you developed
* = strong relationship
+ = moderate relationship
- = weak relationship
Blank = no relationship
Highlight the tradeoffs between the various solutions you developed
+ Solutions are positively reinforcing
- Solutions are negatively reinforcing
Blank = no correlation
Provide hard targets (i.e. specifications for each of the solutions you proposed
Score (1-10) how well Kwantlen already meets this customer want
And the competition
List here
Short lines ups
Max wait = 3 min
Now, identify product/service for development
High impact (important to customer)
Something that will improve competitiveness

Now, you need to sell your idea to your key stakeholders
How would you establish a business case to develop your product/service idea?
Product development is a dynamic (& heartbreaking) venture
Most product ideas do not ever make it to market
Competition is continually adapting
Customer wants change
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