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sri lankan civil war

No description

yana barsava

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of sri lankan civil war

Sri Lanka War
By Yana B
How did it end
Effects on people
A story
North and East Sri Lanka had a civil war that started on
25 July 1983 and finished on 8 may 2009. the war
has been going for more than 25 years!!!
Three weeks after the fall of a small town called
kilinochi. The government forces announced a no fire zone (NFZ) where there there would be officially be no people dead. In this zone a thousand civilians including doctors, nurses, patients, women and children that are flocked, believing the promise of a no fire zone. A temporary hospital in a primary school was created. the hospital of (NFZ) was bombed. A person says that once he came there, a scene of horror awaited him. Damaged buildings, dead bodies. he felt really bad about it.
Note to self: many people experienced this
and felt very bad.
All over the years children suffered from from
isolation ,and lack of basic services such as
housing, health, care and education. many children struggled from separating of their families. Also the military send some children ti fight in war. UNICEF estimates that there are 900,000 children in the northeast sri lanka, all of that have been affected by the war, either through the lack of education, food, shelter or by direct injury. If we add one more child to the affected children then a rough - estimate would add up to 1
million children affected.
1960- Sirimaro became the first women in the world to win a national election. Her government Sri Lanka was defeated in 1964 but she was back as prime minister in 1970.
The war killed almost 70,000 people near its end. so the
Sinhalese president said there shouldn't be any more fighting so the Tamil president accepted that say. but these two parts dont have a nice relationship between them.
1970- The majority of the Sinhalese and the minority of the Tamils was geting in a conflict.
Follow the line to see more pictures
1983- war begins
1993- a suicide bomber kills a Sri Lankan president.
January 2009
The Sri Lankan forces entered de' facto capital.
February 22
April 2009
The government reject when the UN wanted to join in and stop the war.
April 2009
The Tamil Tigers declare an unilateral ceasefire.
May 18 2009
WAR END'S !!!!!
The Sri Lankan government signs a ceasefire with the Tamil tigers.
December 2005
Tamils launch their first major
attack since the 2002 truce
killing a dozen of Sri Lankan
The End
thank you all for watching
Follow the line to know what this word means
Doing something without someone doing it first
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