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Justin Subovitz

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Sweden

Sweden Geography More than half the land is covered with forest. There are mountains in mostly the northwest of Sweden(Kölen Mountains). Mountains and Forests Bodies
of Water Sweden is along the Baltic Sea and has many rivers flowing through it. Sweden is in northern Europe by the Baltic Sea. Right across the Baltic Sea is Germany and Denmark. Right next to Sweden are Norway and Finland. Popular Surroundings Climate of Sweden Sweden has long winters and short summers. July temperatures in Sweden rise to an average of 67 degrees. January temperatures on average are 27 degrees. Snow stays on the ground for about 100 days. Culture Religion in Sweden The Swedish people mostly practice the Lutheran religion. Language Swedish People Speak People speak Swedish in the country of Sweden. Food
Swedish People Eat In Sweden, they have a Swedish buffet of Swedish people eat a Swedish buffet made up of appetizers called smörgåsbord. They have lutefisk which is
dried cod soaked in
water and lye salt
swells. They enjoy ligonberries. They also enjoy
pickled herring.
Finally they also
like knäckebröd which
is crisp bread. Sweden's Holidays Swedish people celebrate the last day of April and the beginning of spring. Midsummer eve is celebrated around June 24th for the time of the longest day of the year. They also celebrate Easter, St.Lucia's day, Christmas, and Whit Suntide. Dance/Art J.H.Roman, an 18th century composer, is called the father of Swedish music. Before the 19th century, Sweden did not have many names in music literature. Today, Sweden has a lot of popular artists like ABBA. Economy Products Sweden Exports Sweden exports motor vehicles, paper products, pulp and wood, iron and steel products, chemicals, and machinery. Famous
Swedish Products Famous products that are exported in Sweden are machinery, like the car Volvo. Is
in the
European Union? Sweden is a part of the European Union. Sweden's Currency (money) Sweden uses Euros. Government Type of Government Sweden has a monarchy type of government. Head
of Government The head of the government is a prime minister named Fredrik Reinfeldt. History History
That Changed Sweden A thick ice cap was covering Sweden. The ice cap started melting about 14,000 years ago. 12,000 years later (after the ice cap melted), early hunters started moving into the area of what is now called Sweden. Interesting Info About Sweden Sweden imports garbage to make energy. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm. In Sweden, they have an ice hotel. They use a lot of renewable resources.
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