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Student Group Summit

No description

Chris Rindosh

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Student Group Summit

Student Group Summit
Wednesday, September 11th
Thursday, September 12th

Student Activities
Student Government Association

Student Organization Tiger Stripes Program
Tiger Stripes Program
New incentive based program for Student Groups
Four different packages that
each offer different rewards
Each semester your group can
pick which rewards you are
going to aim to receive
Why Tiger Stripes Program?
Registration process and org classification change
All SGA Affiliated Organizations became RSO's
Temple University - STARS program
To simplify Student group requirements in general (Community Service)
Let organizations decide how much they would like to do and which incentives they would like to receive
Reward organizations for going above and beyond as opposed to sanctioning groups for not fulfilling requirements
Long term organization stability and individual student leader development
Sport Clubs/Fraternity and Sorority Life -> Consistency
What do we hope to gain from these changes?
Package 1 Requirements
Package 1 Benefits
Register on Involved@TU
Advisor Form (F)
Constitution on file
ECS Handbook Signed
Room Reservations
SGA Senator
Table at the Involvement Fair
Official listing on Involved@TU
Website/E-mail Alias
Posting Privileges on Campus
Notice about Package 1 Requirements...

All active registered student groups must maintain these requirements in order to remain an active student organization

All newly registered organizations begin with Package 1 benefits automatically

Newly registered organizations can begin working on their Tiger Stipes criteria the semester after they register
Register on Involved@TU
Must be completed at the beginning of each semester
Important as it ensures your group is receiving updates from SA/SGA and that prospective members can contact your group
To register go to www.towson.edu/InvolvedTU
Log in at top right
Click on the "organizations" tab
Search for your organization
Click the 'register this organization' button under your group's name
Complete the form
By filling out this form you will become the primary contact for the organization giving you full administrative rights
Deadline October 11th (pushed back from Oct. 1)
Advisor Re/commitment Form
Can be picked up from the SGA office (UU226) or found online:
Signed by Advisor
Turned into SGA office
Fall semester ONLY
Deadline October 11th (pushed back from Oct. 1)
Guiding document for how your organization operates
Can be found on your organization's Involved@TU page
Under the "documents" section
Your organization 'should' have one already listed here. If not, your constitution may be lost and you should check with past officers to see if they have a copy.
Student Group Summits
Where you are right now -
Leadership Training for Student Group Officers and Policy updates that affect Student Groups
Happen twice at the beginning of each semester
Dates e-mailed out to Involved@TU primary contacts (T3, posters, involvement fair, etc...)
ECS Handbook Signed
Can be found on the Event and Conference Services website:
Last page of the "Guide for Student Organizations" PDF
Can be found under the "Facility Reservation" link
Deadline extended to Friday, September 20th
*This is an optional requirement
You may still retain all other student organization benefits without completing this step
Must be completed in order to place room reservations
Room Reservations
Online reservation form on ECS website:
Rooms can be requested for individual meetings, events or for recurring weekly meetings
Space is LIMITED and available on a first-come first-serve basis. Request EARLY.
Space availability checker
If you have additional questions about room reservations contact any of these event managers:
Matt Curio (mcurio@towson.edu)
Tom Judd (tjudd@towson.edu)
Jenna Sieverts ( jsieverts@towson.edu)
SGA Senator
Assigned annually by SGA Director of Student Groups
Personal resource for your organization
Answer any questions that you are not sure where to start
Will check in with you periodically through the semester
Write finance bills for your organization's supplemental requests (Package 2 or higher groups)
Involvement Fair
Happens once at the beginning of every semester
One of the best opportunities to promote your organization and attract new members
Registration opens up the semester prior
E-mail to Involved@TU primary contacts
Space is limited, tables give on a first-come first-serve basis
The earlier you register the "better" your table will be
Official listing of all currently active TU Student Groups
Advertise your group to potential members
Post upcoming events
Save documents from one exec board to the next
Used by SGA and Student Activities to contact your organization
Website/E-mail Alias
Website hosting on Towson domain
IE: www.towson.edu/homecoming
E-mails that go to all executive board members
IE: E-mail sent to homecoming@towson.edu gets rerouted to everyone on the homecoming executive boad
Forms are available in the SGA office or online: www.towsonsga.org/studentgroups/resources
Posting Privileges on Campus
Posting flyers on campus
Get original flyer stamped in SGA office (UU226)
Can be posted in Union/WVC
Academic buildings
You MUST get permission for the Dean's office of the building you wish to place flyers in
Each academic building has their own posting guidelines
Residence Halls
Take 15 copies to HRL office on 3rd floor of WVC (they put them in each hall for you)
Student org handbook has more information
T3 - Information on how to submit can be found at the bottom of each T3 e-mail under "policy and procedures"
Used for announcement type posts (IE: Tickets now on sale...)
Package 2 Requirements
Complete all Package 1 requirements and:
Complete 50 hours of community service
Upload an up-to-date roster with exec officers on Involved@TU and e-mail SGA Senator.
Community Service
All hours must be documented by group members under your organization's Involved@TU page.
To submit:
Log in at top right
Search for your organization
Click on "Service Hours" on the right hand side of the page (you must be listed on the group's roster to submit service hours)
List the activity and a verification contact's name and e-mail address. The verification contact needs to be from the service site or activity, NOT a member of your organization.
To approve, a group officer needs to log in and click on "Service hours" to approve that the service activity and time listed are correct.
NOTE: If you do not approve the hours, they will not be counted.
Deadline to submit hours for the Fall semester is December 5th.
Community Service Continued
What types of activities count as community service?
Differences between community service/philanthropy.
Counting Philanthropy as a part of your community service requirement
One community service hour granter per $20 donated to charitable organization.
No more than half of your community service hours can come from philanthropy
IE: If your organization completes 25 hours of community service, it could count up to $500 donated for an additional 25 community service hours
To receive credit for philanthropy you will need to pick up a hard copy Philanthropy form from the SGA office.
Submit the form in conjunction with a receipt verifying your organization's donation
Upload group officers/roster AND e-mail SGA Senator
Your roster should be updated as a part of re-registering your organization on Involved@TU
If you did not complete this section or select your officers, you can update by accessing the "Manage Roster" feature on your group's page.
Verify that your group's officers are set
You can create additional positions if your executive board requires them
Individuals are invited via TU e-mail and must accept the invitation in order to show up on your roster
Once completed, you must e-mail your SGA senator with the names and e-mail addresses of all of your organization's officers
If you are unsure who your SGA senator is, their information can be found on the profile section of your organization's Involved@TU page
Deadline to e-mail SGA senator, October 11th
Package 2 Benefits
All Package 1 benefits and:
Access to one Supplemental request from SGA
Swipe card access for up to four members for the Conowingo Lounge
Can request a mailbox in the SGA office
Ability to request free ad space in the Towerlight from SGA
SGA Supplemental Requests
One time request for funds for a single event or activity
Request must adhere to SGA financial policy which can be found here:
To request these funds, contact your SGA senator
SGA senator writes finance bill stating your request
You will have to provide research for the costs of your request
Funds in the supplemental account are limited - requests are not guaranteed
SGA funding is ONLY available for undergraduate student organizations
Graduate students pay fees to GSA and limited funding is available through them.
Conowingo Lounge
Student group lounge located in Susquehanna Terrace
Has computers and workspace available for use by your organization's officers
Free printing (must bring your own paper)
Small executive board meetings
Be respectful/share with other groups
Swipe card access to four members
To gain access e-mail SGA Director of Student Groups,
Rebecca Wiacek (rwiace1@students.towson.edu),
with the names/TU Id's of the students who need access.
Mailbox in SGA Office
Allow to receive mail and packages delivered to your organization
Utilize the University address - 8000 York Road, University Union 226/SGA Office
To request a mailbox e-mail Mary Leeper (mleeper@towson.edu)
Free Ads in the Towerlight
SGA pays for advertising space that is usable by student organizations for advertising events in the center spread of the Towerlight
Thursday edition
Space is available on a first-come first-serve basis to Package 2 groups and above
E-mail your ad in a PDF format to SGA Director of University Communications,
Kurt Anderson (kander39@students.towson.edu)
Ads must be received by 5PM on Monday night in order to make that same-week Thursday edition.
Package 3 Requirements
Complete all Package 2 requirements and:
Complete 100 hours of community service
Have at least one officer attend an i.L.E.A.D. workshop
Hold one event on campus open to all students.
Complete all SGA funding requirements
i.L.E.A.D Workshop
i.L.E.A.D. workshops are leadership training workshops on a variety of topics aimed to enhance your effectiveness as a leader.
Hosted by Student Activities and the TU Leadership Consultants
Member attending must sign-in with their name, position and organization in order to receive credit for attending
Students can only sign in for ONE organization per workshop they attend
Upcoming workshops:
Septmeber 24th - Breaking the Stereotypes
October 3rd – Diamonds in the Rough
November 21st – Living with Congruence
December 2nd – Leading vs Facilitating
For more information about workshop dates/times check T3 and www.towson.edu/leadership
Attending the Student Group Summit does NOT count as an i.L.E.A.D. workshop.
On Campus Event
Event must be open to all students and on campus.
Event info must be posted on Involved@TU prior to the event in order to receive credit.
To publish your event on Involved@TU:
From your group's page, click on "events" from the left hand menu
Fill out the information about the event, upload a PDF flyer if you have one.
Complete all SGA funding requirements
This is an optional requirement only necessary for organizations wishing to receive a budget the following semester from SGA
You are still eligible for all other package 3 benefits without completing this process
Graduate student organizations not eligible to be funded by SGA
The SGA funding process is outlined in the SGA financial policy found: www.towsonsga.org/studentgroups/resources
The major steps include: Attending a Treasurer's workshop, submitting an initial budget, attending a Financial Advisory Committee meeting, submitting a final budget and attending budget hearing.
This process is explained in much greater detail as a part of the Treasurer's workshops
Fall Treasurer's workshop dates:
September 24, 9:30AM-10:30AM UU305
September 25, 9:30AM-10:30AM UU305
September 25, 11AM-12PM UU305
You MUST have your treasurer (or other executive officer) attend one of the above dates if you wish to receive a spring budget
Package 3 Benefits
All of the Package 2 benefits and:
Can request a Budget from SGA with access to Activity, Equipment, and Advertising accounts
Up to $150 for a banner (once per year)
$225 for food at your group's meetings
Access to request funds from the Collaboration Fund
Priority placement of your table at the Involvement Fair
Can apply for locker space in the Conowingo Lounge
Posting Privileges continued...
Events.towson.edu/Master Events Calendar
Listing of all events happening on campus
When submitting events:
Location fields must both be filled out. As you begin typing the building name, it will appear. Select that, don’t type it in. Be sure to put room number in the appropriate field.
A relevant picture should be used. The picture should be in some way related your group.
Department must be selected. ALL SGA Groups should select “student government association” as the department. (This is probably the most important thing)
Student Groups should then select their group from the groups drop down. This step does NOT remove the need for step 3. If their group is missing, contact me.
Recurring events should be created using the recurring event function. Do not create individual events for recurring events. Specific details for creating recurring events are at the help website
A reminder that events.towson.edu policy is that submitted events must be physically attend able events. We do not accept submissions for things such as “fill out a survey.” There must be an actual event you can go to attend.
More information can be found:
For any questions about events.towson.edu, contact Greg Primrose, gprimose@towson.edu.
Budget, Banner and Food for meetings
Package 3 allows your organization to request budgeting in three different accounts - Activity, Equipment and Advertising
You must complete ALL of the steps in the budgeting process to receive these funds
What types of things that can be funded in these accounts and maximum request amounts for each account type can be found in the SGA financial policy
Once per academic year, your organization can receive up to $150 for a banner
This banner allocation is only for general advertisement of your organization, not for a specific event
Banner must be bought from Art Services
Any charges above $150 your organization will be responsible for covering the difference
In addition, your organization is also eligible to have up to $225 worth of food paid for at your group's meetings to aid with recruitment of new members.
Food must be bought through Black and Gold
Allocation can be spread out over multiple meetings
Will be billed directly to SGA when you place the order online
You do not need to go through the SGA budgeting process to receive these two allocations the money will be set aside for you as though you had those funds as a part of your budget.
If you have questions about access these funds, contact
SGA Treasurer, Laura Martin, (lmarti22@students.towson.edu)
or stop in the SGA office UU226.
*Funding only available for undergraduate organizations
Collaboration Fund
A pool of money set aside by SGA to encourage organizations to work collaboratively on events
Any package 3 undergraduate organization can request funds from this account so long as they are working with another organization (even graduate groups) to host the event
Funds in this account are finite and subject to availability
To request fill out the Collaboration Fund form found here:
Questions about the Collaboration Fund? Contact
SGA Attorney General, Andrew Key, akey1@students.towson.edu.
Priority Placement of Table at the Involvement Fair
The best locations for the Involvement Fair are typically given out to those organizations who register first
IE: University Union Lobby, at the entrance of the Fair on Burdick Field
Organizations receiving package 3 benefits, will be placed at the front of that queue to receive the most ideal locations
If an organization requests specific accommodations such as access to power or to be next to another group, we may not be able to also give you such a spot
This benefit does NOT guarantee you a spot at the Involvement Fair
Your organization still needs to register and receive a spot for the fair to receive this benefit
Locker Space in Conowingo Lounge
Various sized lockers that can be utilized for storing organization items/equipment
Lockers given out are your organization's to keep for the entire academic year
Lockers subject to availability
To request a locker e-mail SGA Director of
Student Groups, Becky Wiacek, rwiace1@students.towson.edu
to request an application
Organizations requesting a locker must show a need for this storage space.
Package 4 Requirements
Package 4 Benefits
Complete all Package 3 requirements and:
Complete 150 hours of community service
Have at least one general member attend an i.L.E.A.D. workshop
Host one event in collaboration with another student group
Have at least two officers complete their Student Engagement Record on Involved@TU
Transition Binder (S)
All of the Package 3 benefits and:
Access to Travel account as a part of SGA Budget
Early registration for rooms for the following year (S)
Additional supplemental from SGA
Collaboration Event
Hold one event that is co-sponsored with another organization whose purpose is different from your own
Event should be open to all students on campus
Organizations must work together to host the event and share in the planning responsibilities
List the co-sponsored event on Involved@TU prior to the event
Following the event, complete the "Collaboration Form" on involved@TU
We will put a direct link to the form on the SGA student group resource page:
You only need to complete this form once for both organizations to receive credit
Student Engagement Record
Similar to a resume, your Student Engagement Record is a listing of all of your key experiences here at TU
Helpful for articulating what your experiences have taught you outside of your academic experience
Can be used as a supplemental document for job interviews or grad school applications
To update:
Go to https://involved.towson.edu/
Log in at top right
Click on "My Involvement" and select Student Engagement Record
From here you can select which experiences to show/hide
To add experiences, click on "My Involvement" -> Experiences -> Add Experience
At anytime from your engagement record you can save it as a PDF or print
This is useful if you would like to highlight different experiences for different employers
To receive credit for this requirement:
Add your relevant experiences to your Student Engagement Record and save it as a PDF
Have your other officer do the same and e-mail you a copy of theirs
Upload both of your Student Engagement PDF's to the Student Engagement Record Form
I haven't created this form yet, but I plan to make a direct link available on the SGA student group resource website
Transition Binder
A document which carries important information from one executive board to the next
Ideally should contain specific information about each executive board role
Must be completed in the Spring semester only
Will upload more tips on creating an effective transition binder in the Spring
Deadline will be published in the spring semester
Will be uploaded to your organization's Involved@TU page
Can be updated from year to year once created
Early Room Registration
Annual room reservations in the spring are typically done on a first-come first serve basis
Groups allowed to request space for weekly meetings and one event each semester
Organizations receiving this benefit will have their room reservation submission time set back by 1 hour
How this works:
If room reservations typically open at 9AM
Your organization submits its room request at 9:30AM
ECS checks the list of organizations receiving package 4 benefits and moves your organization's request back by 1 hour (as though your request was made at 8:30AM)
Your organization receives its request prior to all organizations that requested at 9AM that are not recipients of package 4 benefits
Each organization's progress will be tracked through a publicly viewable google doc found here:
It is recommended that you periodically check your organization's status to ensure that you have received credit for those items you have completed
Fall Deadlines:
ECS Handbook
Summits Sept. 18/19
Treasurer's Workshop
Sept. 24/25
Involved@TU Registration, Advisor Form, E-mail SGA Senator - October 11th
i.L.E.A.D workshops - held monthly
Community service and all items with no other listed deadlines must be completed by December 5th.
Organizations to complete requirements during the Fall '13 semester
After December 5th, Student Activities/SGA will go through each organization on the google doc and assign a Tiger Stripes package based on requirements completed
Organizations based on the google doc listing should know what their status for the spring will be
Official ranking will be e-mailed to all groups when it is available
Updated on your group's Involved@TU page
Beginning in Spring 2014, organizations will receive benefits based on their fall accomplishments
If you believe your group's status has been evaluated incorrectly, you will be able to appeal to the SGA judicial board
Tiger Stripes Program
This semester and beyond

Big change
Bumps along the road - things not foreseen
Communicate changes via e-mail
In the future:
Building stronger longer lasting student organizations
Having a greater impact on campus life
Adding new benefits/adjusting requirements
Simplify other student group processes
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