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Beating the "Old Boy's Club"

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Emily Durham

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Beating the "Old Boy's Club"

Is America ready for a female president?
Although we weren't able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it's got about 18 million cracks in it...That has always been the history of progress in America.
-Hillary Clinton in her 2008 concession speech
Competing Explanations Cont.
So what about the U.S.?
Is the U.S. ready?
Sforza Masculinization Theory: Possible, though difficult to predict as there's a double bind

Conservatism Theory: Not likely, only 23 elected conservative women in congress now

Commanding Chief Theory: Perception should be changing after 3 female secretaries of state and 14.6% of military being women

Swinging Pendulum Theory: According to this, the pendulum would swing towards the conservative side in this next election

Gender Thaw Theory: Not yet, only 19.15% of congress is women

Gender Blind Theory: According to the GII men and women in the U.S. are far from equal ranking 42 out of 189

International Demonstration Effect Theory: Not effective on the U.S. as it perceives itself as progressive

From the application of the theories to the U.S. it is tentatively concluded that the U.S. isn't quite ready for a female president. While no one theory can account for all of the factors involved in an election, they are all important individually and almost every single one leans towards the U.S. being "not ready".
However, given that Hillary is a strong female candidate, never say never.
Friday, April 25, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The Stakes
Competing Explanations
The population of women in the United States currently is about 51%, and yet, there has yet to be a woman elected as president. For a nation that considers itself to be the number one superpower in the world, this is an area where it seems to be lagging behind.

This is an especially a timely question as the 2016 election is two years away, and rumors are flying about whether Hillary Clinton will run and become the first female president of the U.S.
Sforza Masculinization Theory: Women are elected as executive leaders when they take on a masculine persona.

Conservatism Theory: Female leaders have to be conservative in their politics to be elected.

Commanding Chief Theory: A woman can be elected as soon as the country can accept the notion of a woman being the leader of the military and the country during times of national crisis.

Swinging Pendulum Theory: The voting population swings back and forth between parties and leadership styles because of their dissatisfaction with the previous candidate.

Beating the "Old Boy's Club"
The Puzzle
Case Studies
Gender Thaw Theory: There is a point at which because of their presence in positions of authority, the perception of women as leaders will change and people will be more accepting.

Gender Blind Theory: As country's statistics show more equality among genders and less differences, the more likely they are to accept women as leaders.

International Demonstration Effect Theory: As more and more countries are electing female leaders it is setting a precedent worldwide for others to follow suit in order to keep up and be progressive.

Case Study Analysis
Margaret Thatcher
Angela Merkel
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