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The Empire of Ghana

No description

Ghana Group

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of The Empire of Ghana

Alex, Brian, Moe. Katelyn, Robyn and Khalid The Empire Of Ghana Alex Centralized Government Brian Agricultural Intensification Robyn State Religion Robyn Class Structure Khalid Development Of Science and Writing Merchants and Trade Katelyn Occupational Specialization Moe - It was the control of the gold fields in the southwest that was essential to Ghana's political control and economic prosperity. - The location of these goldfields was kept strictly secret by the Soninke.

- As the trans-Saharan trade in gold expanded, so did the state of Ghana.

- Locally obtained iron ore was used to make tools, which made agriculture easier and more efficient, and permitted the growth of larger settled communities. - Ghana was located midway between the desert, the main source of salt, and the goldfields of the upper Senegal River in the savannah woodlands in the south. - Iron-tipped spearheads, lances, knives, and swords gave ancient Soninke soldiers technological superiority over their neighbours who used bone and wood. - The Soninke were thus able to capture more farming and grazing land from their weaker, less-organized neighbours.

- Northern Mali is arid and "deserted" of vegetation. It is a true desert, a part of the Sahara. Few people live there. - Southern Mali is wetter, and natural vegetation is increasingly abundant.

- The short grasses and shrubs that mark the Sahel give way to the tall grasses of the savannah further south. - It is in the southern part of the country, and along the course of the Niger, that most of Mali's people live. - Winters are dry. Summers are rainy. Rains arrive first, and in greater amounts, in the south, and later in much smaller amounts in the north. However, rainfall is not very dependable. In some years, there is enough; in others, there is not. Also, when it does rain, it often comes in torrential downpours, which erode the land and leach out nutrients from the soil. Mining became widespread across the empire, which led to the development of various tools and new mining methods. Development of trade routes. Camel husbandry Military development, specifically in archery Salt and gold mining and trading First emperor of Ghana was Dinga Cisse who brought the whole empire together and established the government system. Ghana was separated into districts and then inside the districts there were villages. Each district had a provincial governor and each village had a leader who would make all the rules. If someone doesn't like the rules of the village they go to the governor and if the problem still can't be fixed then it goes to the king/emperor. The kings were called Ghanas due to religious reasons. The reason for the growth in government was because of international trading with the countries or civilizations around them. Most families specialized in certain professions which were passed from generation to generation. MEN'S JOBS
-Mined for gold
-Or traded goods in the market. WOMEN'S JOBS
-Child rearing
-Cleaning the house
-Fetching water and firewood
-Weeding and planting in the fields
- And cook meals for their family In the Empire Of Ghana the women had more responsibility then the men did. For a long time the people of Ghana practiced a highly ritualistic pagan religion, in which they worshipped animal spirits and phenomena. But when trade routes opened Islam made its presence felt on the Empire of Ghana. In Kumlr Saleh the capital of the Empire, both the Islamic community and those who practiced the native religion coexisted peacefully for a long time, but eventually most of the natives converted to Islam. The emperor was the highest rank of the Soninke people. The first class are the Hooro, the free men. They are the rulers. The second class are the Naxamala, the dependent men. These people consist of people is trades who could benefit society. The lowest class were the slaves who were the major labour force. At the time there were more slaves then there were free men. Works Cited
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