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Monsters Inc.

No description

Tetra Gabbard

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc.
By: Tetra & Masey
Major Conflict:
External Conflict:

When Waternoose follows Sulley and Boo, they try to get out of the door. But before they can, Waternoose follows them and confesses that he will kidnap over a thousand children before he lets the company die.

Sulley & Mike VS. Waternoose.
Mike & Sulley
Plot Graph:
A- Exposition:

B- Initial Incident:
Plot Graph Cont.
C- Rising Action:
D- Climax:
The Monstropolis City is inhabited by monsters and powered by the screams of children. Unfortunately, the work is getting harder because the children are getting almost impossible to scare.

When Sully and Mike go to Waternoose
about the situation on their hands, and they
find out Waternoose was in on
it the whole time, Sulley and Mike
end up getting banished.
Plot Graph Cont.
E- Falling Action:
F- Resolution:
Plot Graph Cont.
G- Conclusion:
When Boo escapes from her door. She takes an adventure and sees what is really behind monsters.
Sulley is laid-back, immature,
and competitive.
Mike is proud, devoted to
his friendship, and romantic.
Sully finds Boo's door, which leads him to finding her and getting in the middle of Randall and Waternoose's plan.

After Sully and Mike get banished, Sully goes to a village, and finds and rescues Boo with the help of his friend, Mike.
Boo is put back into her door, and the door is shredded so Mike and Sully will never see her again. Waternoose is sent to prison, and Randall, well, let's just say he got hit really hard a bunch of times by a lady in a trailer.
In the end, Sully and Mike rescued Boo from being kidnapped. And also, Sully started a new way of getting electricity for their city, not by kid's screams, but by their laughs.
Internal Conflict:
When Sully is faced with the difficult decision to either save Boo, or just let things happen and sit by and watch.

Sulley VS. Himself
Randall is socially- awkward and apart of the "cool crowd".
Literary Terms
Fearful, Childish,
Anxious, and Concerned.
Children's Screams = Electricity
Literary Terms Cont.
Randall, because
he has very dark coloration and
a very harsh tone. He is
secretly evil and mean.
Internal Conflict:

When Sulley sees
the pictures of him screaming
and Boo starts crying. Sulley struggles
seeing himself as a monster, when all
he wants to do is hold her and not let
her go.
Literary Terms Cont.
Literary Terms Cont.
When Randall
captures Boo and straps her
to the machine, the machine
is seconds from her face
and Sully cuts the power.
Mike says Randall
is ''as lethal as a bomb''
to Sully.
Fear lives inside
everyone. You just have
to face it, and not run
from it. You might be surprised.
When Waternoose is explaining to Sully and Mike how he ''hates it had to happen this way'', he's foreshadowing the banishment of the two of them.
~Hope you enjoyed~
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