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Hungary presentation - short

No description

Péter Szathmáry

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Hungary presentation - short

Official language: hungarian - magyar
Name format: surname + "first" name
Date format: year.month.day.
Population: 10 million
Capital city: Budapest
Basic information II.
90% of Hungary in the Pannonian basin
Continental climate -> four seasons
Basic information III.
History - shortened version
Heart of Europe in our heart
Parliamentary republic
Member of European Union (anno 2004)
United in 1873 from Buda, Óbuda and Pest
City of spas and baths
The center of pretty much everything
Religions and ethnicities
87,3% Hungarian, 3,1% Gypsy, 1,3% German, 14,7% Not stated
Folklore and culture
Traditional festivals
Modern festivals
Hungarian music and dances - "táncház"
Hungarian arts
Traditional costumes
"Táncház" movement with folk songs
Spreading in the last 25 years
The biggest collection of folk music in Europe (by Zoltán Kodály and Béla Bartók)
Kalocsa pattern
Matyó embroidery
Hollókő, traditional village
Skanzen - open air museum
The country
of water
10 National Parks
8 properties on the World Heritages List
Lake Balaton - "Hungarian Sea"
Lake Hévíz - the largest thermal lake in Europe
"Hungaricums" and cuisine
Egri Bikavér
Famous hungarians
Túró Rudi
Country of festivals
Music festivals:
Balaton Sound on Siófok (Lake Balaton)
SZIN (Youth Festival in Szeged)
Sziget Festival (Budapest)
VOLT festival (Sopron)
Nights of museums, theatres and baths
Flower Festival in Debrecen
International Airshow in Kecskemét
In conclusion...

If you are hungry for fun... Go to HUNGARY! ;)
Basic information I.
Hungarian inventions
...and don't forget:
Thank you for your attention!
Health-regenerating thermal water everywhere!
Hortobágyi palacsinta
Some numbers
Hungary has the highest ration of Nobel-prized researchers (13 to 10 000 000)

Hungary is the most successful country of the history of Olympics compared to the population (168 gold, 148 silver, 170 bronze)
Köszönjük a figyelmet!
Jó napot! - Iyi günler!
Szia! - Selam!
Köszönöm! - Teşekkürler!
Szeretlek - Seni seviyorum
Meztelen csiga - Sümüklüböcek
Magical language, infinite possibilities
Ferenc Puskás - footballer
Ferenc Liszt - composer
Tommy Ramone - drummer of Ramones
Sigmund Romberg - father of american musical
Paul Newman and Adrian Brody - actors
Rachel Weisz and Goldie Hawn - actresses
Mihály Kertész - director of Casablanca
Red - Power
White - Loyalty
Green - Hope
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