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L.A. Harbor College's Teaching Learning Center

This presentation high lights the Harbor College Teaching Learning Center's, facility, goals, functions, and resources available to faculty.

TLCenter harbor college

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of L.A. Harbor College's Teaching Learning Center

WORKSHOPS Weebly.com Prezi presentations Turnitin Mahara eportfolio's Podcasts Google tools Brain learning techniques Face book & Twitter Reading Apprenticeship On Course Program Camtasia Equipment to loan out laptops, flip and
digital cameras,
headsets, and clickers. Faculty Forums Teaching with Technology Enhancing Essential Skills Word Press to explore content, to give
assessments, to give assignments,
to show learning progress. a writing tool
a guide to authenticity
verbal & written grading
a peer review tool. like this one! a free webpage Mini mp3 lectures
study guides and
important information. Help your students learn
and retain information
using brain research. All students can read,
give them the tools
and a forum to grow. Use of social networks
to reach students where they frequent and are comfortable. screen capture,
record the screen,
make podcasts-audio
and vodcasts-video. a web page Google docs, blog, hang out
scholar, and calendar. The student focused and taking responsibility for learning. TLCenter faculty newsletter
Blog and College web page Intimate discussions on teaching and learning Mac's and PC's, scanner, & printers. Goals:
1. Increase faculty's electronic presence.
2. Increase the # of faculty talking about
teaching and learning while using new
techniques in the classroom. L.A. Harbor College
Teaching Learning Community. and The Forums are:
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