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Energy Tranformations

No description

Cole Kingery

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Energy Tranformations

Transforming, Distributing, and Obtaining Energy
By: Amanda & Cole
Why We Need Energy Transformations
Transforming Energy
Forms of Energy
Distributing Energy
Obtaining Energy
Thermal/Waste Energy
Pollution and Consequences from Energy Transformations
When energy transformations and distributions occur pollution and waste from them affect our world. The waste energy from the transformations such as burning the fuel in a car or making things in factories add consequences to our environment such as global warming and ruining some water supply.
Transformation Waste
When energy is transformed the waste energy is thermal energy. So, when we drive cars or ride in planes the waste energy from the burning gas goes up into our atmosphere, this may be the cause of global warming. Scientists have not yet proven what is causing global warming, but the gas pollution is the most popular and probable theory.
Distributing Energy
When we are distributing energy it first comes from a power plant. These are very dangerous because toxic levels of arsenic, cadmium, chromium, and lead can be found in coal-fueled power plants. This is bad because these contaminants can enter the environment through dust, seeping into groundwater or from discharges into surface water. That means potentially these contaminants may pollute drinking water and fester in our livestock and crops. Some of these contaminants have been linked to cancer, heart problems, nerve damage, kidney damage, and many other sever conditions and diseases.
In Conclusion...
In conclusion waste energy is very dangerous. We have learned that what happens to our land and our lives if we don't try to protect what's around us. The pollution could be causing global warming, meaning droughts and rising sea levels. the pollution is potentially going to cause some deaths with the different conditions and diseases that the contaminates have been linked to. In the end reality will hit us hard and we will realized we need to fix it now, not later!
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We need energy transformations for many things we do and use. One thing we need it for is the energy transformations that could occur is when you play sports.
Basketball: When you shoot a free throw as you play basketball energy changes form eight times. When it is in your hands it has gravitational potential energy and as it flies through the air it has kinetic energy. When it curves toward the hoop it still has kinetic energy, and as it is hitting the backboard it changes to gravitational potential, thermal(from the friction), and sound energy. As it falls toward the ground it has kinetic again and when it hits the ground it changes to sound and thermal, again from friction.
Potential forms of energy
energy stored in food or fossil fuels
energy stored in a stretched rubber band or compressed foam
Elastic (static):
charge building up on a person walking on a rug or
energy stored up due to the pass and position of a train on top of a roller coaster
energy stored in uranium atoms or energy stored in the nucleus of hydrogen atoms at the center of the sun

Kinetic forms of energy
lighting, electricity through waves
sunlight or x-rays
wind or a moving train/car
music in the air or voices underwater
hot plate or heating up water
Transforming energy works when one form energy is transformed into a different form of energy.
When you have popcorn popping in a microwave what different types of energy transformations take place?
Electric--> Motion--> Radiant--> Thermal--> Sound
Distributing energy is how energy is spread out to different places or into different things.
An example of this is when power plants produce energy it is distributed to different places by power lines.
Obtaining energy is getting energy or having it, as from food.
An example of this is when you eat and/drink before a sporting event so you can have the energy to run, hit, or kick.
Thermal energy is also known as waste energy because it is what is left over after an energy transformation occurs.
Pollution Effects
Core Standard
Recognize and explain how different ways of obtaining, transforming, and distributing energy have different environmental consequences.
Time for your quiz!
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