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Great Pub Culture

No description

Yuki Kato

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Great Pub Culture

What Are Pubs? Great Pub Culture Food in Pubs Building Up Yourself in Pubs Relaxation in Pubs My Favorite Pubs ~For Your Better Life~ Drinking Eating Chatting Activities Chicken Wing Day Every Wednesday
Surprisingly Cheap!
(10 wings = $2.50 @ Creekside Pub)
Pubs are awfully crowded
*Arrive before 6pm
Check if the pub serves wings
or not in advance If you are
just go
to a pub! If you are
just go
to a pub! If you want to
improve yourself,
just go
to a pub! Outline 1. What Are Pubs?
2. Who Should Go to Pubs?
3. Food in Pubs
4. Relaxation in Pubs
5. Building Up Yourself in Pubs
6. My Favorite Pubs
7. Conclusion - for your better life Public House Pub = Everybody's House Who Should Go to Pubs? Pub activities
make you relaxed
reduce your stress

Which pub offers which service really depends on a pub.
*Check it out in advance! Meeting and talking with people
>You will think of yourself
>You will improve yourself Do not afraid of meeting
and talking to people! Creekside Pub Doc Willoughby's YUKI KATO Conclusion (1) If you go to a pub,
you can eat your fill of food
you can make yourself relax
you can build up yourself

People in Canada
enjoy themselves in pubs
know how to enjoy themselves
enjoy their own life to the full Conclusion (2) Pubs are indispensable for Canadian culture PUB IS LIFE!
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