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The Big Bad Wolf

No description

Morgan Hicks

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of The Big Bad Wolf

The Wolf
The wolf is our protagonist, but he's a bad dude. He's the Anti-Hero of the story. He'll be hairy, but well dressed. In charge.
The Pigs
Each of the pigs represents a form of gluttony and overindulgence.

Pig 1: Endulges in Food. He is wearing a sweat suit because he hates anything that is constricting.

Pig 2: Endulges in Alcohol. He's wearing plain clothes, but may have some stains from booze.

Pig 3: Is too lazy to live. She is wearing her pajamas because she never gets out of bed.
The Meaning
Life is hard. We face many challenges in our lives. Antagonists are everywhere. We have to be able to out think, out run and outsmart our foes.
The Environment
We're in multiple locations.
There will be a backdrop with a lovely field, but we're also inside the houses of each pig, where we see how they are living in a filthy and unkempt style.
The Big Bad Wolf
This play will be presented in a comedic style - so I've chosen to focus on bright colors to emphasize the fun and adventurous tone of the presentation.
STASIS: 3 little pigs are old friends. They are all lazy and love to eat and drink. They very rarely work hard at anything, they just expect things to be given to them.

INCITING INCIDENT: The Wolf has decided that he will eat the laziest and fattest pig.

RISING ACTION: The wolf travels to each house to test the pigs to see who is the laziest. He chases the first pig, and decides he's a pretty good runner. He makes the second pig do exercise, and is a little less impressed. At the third pigs house, he can't even get that lazy thing to wake up!

CLIMAX: He swallows the third pig in ONE BITE!

DENOUMENT: The wolf gets indigestion from eating the laziest pig and has to spend the rest of the day in bed.
Scenic Design
For the costume aspect of this story, We designed costumes for the Wolf and the three little pigs. The wolf is wearing a nice suit. He has facial hair. We made him pretty slick, with shiny, metal tipped shoes. He's in charge here - and his costume shows it. The first little pig is a total mess. He is lazy and gluttonous. He is in tennis shoes, and baggy sweat pants and sweat shirt. He is not well groomed facially.His gray sweatsuit is covered in cheeseburger debris. He's stained and sloppy to show how little he cares about his appearance. The second pig is kind of a jock frattish type that likes to indulge in alcohol to excess. His costume will be something that looks like it could be nice, but he's gone too far and gotten sloppy with it, so he's covered in alcohol stains.
The third little pig is the laziest of the lot, so her costume will reflect that. She doesn't even bother to get out of bed to try to get away from the wolf. She'll be wearing girly pajamas, and her hair will be messy bed-head. Each of the characters in the story has a clothing style that fits their attitude. The clothing gives each character reflects their identity within the story.


The concept that my group has come up with is to take the original story of the Three Little Pigs and to set it in today’s time, 2014. What we have decided to do is instead of having animals represent this story; we wanted this story to revolve around humans. Our story is that there are three pigs that all represent different gluttonous personalities. They represent the Millennial generation that does not want to work hard, but feel entitled to everything just because they were born. The wolf of our story is a representation of the future. He goes to each of the pigs to challenge them, but they are not up for the challenge, so he devours them, just like our future will devour us, if we don't work hard and become strong enough to overcome obstacles.
The scenic design for our play will feature a unit set with multiple locations created by moving walls. The first location will be outdoors. We'll create that with an empty set, and a backdrop painted with rolling hills and you will see a small village in the background. Then, when we enter the houses of the little pigs, each house will have a unique environment created by a few walls and furniture. The first pig's house is a disaster, with dirty dishes and trash everywhere. The wolf will chase the pig all over the space. The second pig's house is even messier. The wolf makes this pig do exercise, so there will be some exercise equipment covered up by general trash and debris. In the third pig's house, we only see the walls of the bedroom. She's a girl, so the room will be girly - floral prints and pinks. But she's the laziest pig. She has a really messy bed that she lies in the entire time.
Costume Design
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