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Cawayne Hall Jr's Family Tree

No description

Coe Hall

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Cawayne Hall Jr's Family Tree

Cawayne Hall Family Tree
In 2025 Cawayne Hall became a Doctor and engineer. He became married to a woman named Jade who stayed t home because Cawayne was so rich. Whil trying to cure cancer a girl named Emily Johanson poured a blue liquid in his batch. Cawayne later found the it can cure any disease, nicknamed "the blue stuff.
Akil Hall was drafted straight out of high school. By 2048 Akil Became a football star. He played
for the eagles and won the super bowl He married a woman named Karen and had 4 children.
Karen was professor for the Hall university
Cawayne Hall III: 2026
Akil and Angel: 2028
In 2074 Michael Hall invented the first hover car, because he new if they could fly there would be too many building crashes. he was also the first to be in a hover car race. Michael married a woman named Julia Hall the following year (2075). Julia was a Chef of her own resturant.
Sapphire became her own boss. In 2109 Sapphire Hall became a cartoonist owning Thumb Tack productions. She married to Erin Wallace in 2111 and became Sapphire Wallace-Hall. Erin was a pilot
In 2131 Athena became a Architect
she build building that defies physics. She married Erve Johanson the same year and became Athena Johanson. Erve was her head constructor.
Ares became the best police officer in 2154. THe most dangerous man in the world. He married a woman named Cheri she was a child surgeon
Emily Johanson: 2155
Emily Johanson was a genius. 2175 she evented the first time machine a blue substance that cured any disease. she went back in time to help her ancestor Cawayne Hall Jr. become world wide. she has yet to get married.
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