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No description

Kendra DeLoof

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Turkey

The Flag History of Turkey Anatolia
The Ottoman Empire
The Fall of the Ottoman Empire
The Republic of Turkey
The Turkey VS Greece conflict
Military in the Government
VS The Government Executive:
Prime Minister
The Cabinet
National Security Council
Unicameral Grand National Assembly of Turkey Judicial:
Constitutional Court
High Court of Appeals
Council of State
Court of Accounts
Military Court of Appeals President Abdullah Gul Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan The Military
Turkish Armed Forces Turkish Naval Forces Turkish Land Forces Turkish Air Force Population Demographics Population: 76,805,524 Urbanization: 69% Istanbul: 12,915,158
(17.8% of population) Ankara: 4,650,802
(6.4% of population) Izmir: 3.868,308
(5.3% of population) Life Expectancy: 71.96 years Fertility Rate: 2.21 Children per Woman Ethnic Groups Turkish- 75% Kurdish- 18% Other- 7% Religion Muslim- 99.8% Other- .2% Languages Turkish (Official) Kurdish Minority Languages Literacy: 87.4% Exports 102.2 Billion Mostly in:
apparel, food, textiles, metal, and transportation equipment Partners:
Germany, France, UK, Italy, Iraq Imports 140.8 Billion Mostly in:
machinary, chemicals, semi-finished goods, fuels Partners:
Russia, Germany, China, US, Italy, France Turkey
A presentation by Kendra DeLoof So What? Turkey's Role in the Middle Eastern Shatterbelt Turkey's possible admission into the EU Turkey's Role as a Secular, yet Muslim State "In the long run, Turkey's membership could not only strengthen the EU but also contribute to greater global geopolitical equilibrium" -Cohen
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