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Tootsie Popsicles

MGMT 423 presentation on our new product development Tootsie Popsicles.

Cody Nelson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Tootsie Popsicles

Tootsie POPsicles Presentation by:
Cody Nelson
Kyle Heldman
Justin Stiner
Erik Stahoviak
So what is a Tootsie POPsicle? Tootsie Pop Popsicle That's a Tootsie POPsicle! Idea Generations Came up with several ideas but
we wanted a product where we
could make a physical prototype! Bluetooth Ring
CellPhone Alert Hydrolic Truckbed
Push Arm Orthopedic Glove Tootsie POPsicles Engineering Plan + + + Business Plan Sales Forecast (ATR Model)

Market Share 60%

Profit Forecast Market Size
x Market Share
x $3.99 a box
-$1.15 costs

Profit Forecast

Marketing Plan Manufacturing Line Extension of the Unilever
owned Popsicle Company. Target Market Kids and Teens 3-19 years old
Purchasing Parents Marketing Mix Pricing Marketing Mix Marketing Mix Marketing Mix Place Promotion Product Cost of Production - $1.15
Retail Box of 12 - $3.99
Profit per box - $2.84 -Retail Grocery Stores' Frozen Dessert Section

-2nd Phase of Release
Ball parks
Little League Fields
Strong brand name - Popsicle
Big colorful displays to attract children
In your face TV ads
Run In-store Sales Ads - Powerful Unilever
advertising No product like this out there
Differentiated from any other product
Fuses together two sweets that children
absolutely love Product Positioning Our Tootsie POPsicle is the only
frozen dessert that encompasses
a sucker.
Slogan: Become a POP star! Royalty Fees
5% of Profit Market Size x Market Share 18,900,000 Concept Testing Surveys
139 Children
44 Parents
Handed out in Elementary and Middle Schools
Analyzed in Purdue Qualtrics Results
68% Shop with Their Parents
60% Watch TV More then 1 hr a Day
Cherry and Blue Raspberry are Favorite Flavors
80% Said They Would Like to Try
70% Respondents would purchase in Price Range Prototype Testing Different Focus Groups
Found who liked it
Repeat purchase intentions - 75%
Questions? Pre-Test Market In grocery stores across the US
Free samples handed out with coupons
Improvement surveys
No test market - costly ______________________________________________
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