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Jason Skinner

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Islam

Muslims in America
Countries with the Largest Muslim Population

to learn and practice.

Non-Muslims, who were “Peoples of the Book,” were allowed
religious freedom
, but paid additional taxes.
Easily “
”  nomads & trade routes.

(“Holy War”) against pagans and other non-believers (“infidels”).
The Spread of Islam
Why was Islam able to spread so quickly and convert so many to the new religion?
Essential Question:
Up to four wives allowed at once.
No alcohol or pork.
No gambling.

 body of Islamic law to regulate daily living.
Three holiest cities in Islam: Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem.
Other Islamic Religious Practices
The Mosque
The mandatory prayers performed 5 times a day:
* dawn * noon * late afternoon * sunset * before going to bed
Wash before praying.
Face Mecca and use a prayer rug.
2. Prayer
Muhammad received his first revelation from the angel
in the Cave of Hira in 610.
622 
: Muslims being slaughtered - Muhammed flees Mecca, starts new town called Medina.
The beginning of the Muslim calendar (1 A.H.)
Muhammad’s revelations were compiled into the Qur’an after his death.
The Origins of the Qur’an
The Islamic Center, New York City
Muslim Culture in NYC
Muslims in the World Today
Mount Moriah Rock where Muhammad ascended into heaven.
The Dome of the Rock Mosque in Jerusalem
The pilgrimage to Mecca.
Must be done at least once in a Muslim’s lifetime.
2-3 million Muslims make the pilgrimage every year.
5. The Hajj
Almsgiving (charitable donations).
Muslims believe that all things belong to God.
Zakat means both “purification” and “growth.”
About 2.5% of your income.
3. The Zakat
Pray in the mosque on Friday.
"There is no god worthy of worship except God, and Muhammad is His Messenger [or Prophet]."
The testimony.
The declaration of
1. Faith
Muslims are strict
They believe in the Judeo- Christian God, which they call
Muslims believe that the Torah and the Bible, like the Qur’an, is the word of God.
"People of the Book"
Islam: An Abrahamic Religion
J. Skinner
Timber Creek H.S.
Orlando, FL
The Prophetic Tradition
Fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.
Considered a method of self-purification.
No eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan.
4. Ramadan

What Countries do YOU think have the highest Muslim population today?
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