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SOC364 - Gender and Violence

No description

Tristan Bridges

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of SOC364 - Gender and Violence

Gender &
Violence violence
masculinity psychological
explanations anthropological
explanations sociological
explanations biological
explanations distribution of violence among men "boys will
be boys!" societies in which gender inequality is highest are those where masculinity and femininity are considered polar opposites themes leading to violence: 1. ideal manhood is the fierce warrior
2. public leadership is associated with male dominance
3. women are prohibited from public political participation
4. most public interaction is between men
5. boys and girls are systematically separated at an early age
6. initiation rituals for boys stress male solidarity, endurance, hostility, and dominance of older men
7. the ritual celebration of fertility focuses on male generative ability
8. male economic activities and the products of male labor are prized more than female one of the most significant "causes" of male violence is gender inequality young American men are the most violent group of people in the industrialized world today the 2 best predictors of violence are age and gender women's
criminality women do commit crime, but (on average) they commit different crimes property crimes "females take symbols of adult female identity--cosmetics, jewelry and sexy underwear" (Jack Katz) when women do commit violent crime, they do so (on average) with different motivations Edward
Teller violence
women the U.S. has the highest rate of reported rape in the industrial world the home is statistically speaking the most dangerous place for women and children historical association of violence and masculinity percentage of the prison population women men 6.3% 93.7% "There are times when every boy must defend his own rights if his is not to become a coward and lose the road to independence and true manhood... The strong willed boy needs no inspiration to combat, but often a good deal of guidance and restraint. If he fights more than, let us say, a half dozen time a week--except of course during his first week at a new school--he is probably over-quarrelsome and needs to curd. The sensitive, retiring boy, on the other hand, needs encouragement to stand his ground and fight."
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